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Are some travel insurance policies more family friendly than others?

Published by Chris Harvey October 31, 2008

Yes.  Several insurance carriers offer travel insurance products that waive the premium for children when traveling with their family.  Some policies will cover one child for each qualified adult at no additional charge.  A few policies cover all children at no additional cost. This usually applies to the base premium only.  Some policies define a […]

How can I reduce the cost of travel insurance?

Published by Chris Harvey October 30, 2008

Your best bet is to shop through a comparison website that offers numerous travel insurance policies from different insurance carriers. Select the least expensive policy that still meets all your unique needs for that trip.  Don’t buy more coverage than you actually need. Many insurance plans are priced in bands of $500 per traveler.  If […]

Hurricane watch? Can I still purchase travel insurance?

Published by Chris Harvey October 27, 2008

Travel insurance must be purchased prior to when the hurricane has been named. Once the hurricane has been named, Trip Cancellation and Interruption losses resulting from the hurricane are usually excluded from the coverage of the policy. Additionally, some policies cover you in the event a hurricane warning is issued after a 15 day wait.

Travelex Supplier Restrictions as of 10/23/2008

Published by Chris Harvey October 23, 2008

Please refer to this page for information about suppliers for which Travelex Insurance Services has restricted or eliminated coverage on the following protection plans: Travel Plus, TraveLite, Annual Multi-Trip, Flight Plus, and group programs underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company. Travelex Insurance Services and their underwriters have made a business decision to no longer accept […]

Until When May I Purchase Travel Insurance?

Published by Chris Harvey October 21, 2008

Many travel insurance policies require purchase of travel insurance on the date prior to departure or earlier.  A few insurance carriers will allow you to purchase on your departure date. However, the policy does not go into effect until the day following purchase.  Additionally, certain benefits are dependent upon when the insurance is purchased.  In […]