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What is Rental Vehicle Coverage in travel insurance?

Published by Chris Harvey November 28, 2008

This benefit when offered usually covers physical loss or damage to a rental vehicle during your covered trip.  If you should have an accident or sustain damage you must file a report with the police and rental agency. It does not generally include damage to any other vehicle, property or persons.  Conditions may apply and ...

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I already have health insurance. Why would I want a travel insurance policy that includes medical coverage?

Published by Chris Harvey November 26, 2008

While your existing health insurance may cover some medical expenses you incur while traveling, there are many cases when it will not. Many U.S. health care plans including Medicare do not provide coverage when you travel outside the country. Travel insurance policies usually provide coverage  for emergency medical and medical evacuation while traveling. Some policies ...

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What is the latest date I can purchase travel insurance?

Published by Chris Harvey November 25, 2008

Most travel insurance policies can be purchased up to the day prior to departure. A few plans will allow purchase on your departure day, however the policy is not effective until the day following purchase.

When is the best time to buy travel insurance?

Published by Chris Harvey November 24, 2008

The best time to buy travel insurance is usually within 2 weeks of making your very first payment towards the trip.  Many policies offer additional benefits when the policy is purchased during this advantage period. The additional benefits usually cover financial default of a travel supplier and offer a pre-existing condition exclusion waiver.  Some optional ...

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Why would I need "cancel for any reason" in travel insurance?

Published by Chris Harvey November 21, 2008

Each travel insurance policy has a list of  “covered” reasons for trip cancellation and trip interruption. If you cancel your trip for any reason not otherwise covered by the policy, a “cancel for any reason” benefit would be required for reimbursment. Please note, a reduced benefit is paid and other conditions may apply such as ...

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Will travel insurance cover my airfare if my cruise is cancelled?

Published by Chris Harvey November 20, 2008

Many travel insurance policies will cover any prepaid, non-refundable trip costs if your trip is cancelled due to the financial default or bankruptcy of a travel supplier.  Travel Insured International will cover the airfare in the event your cruise is cancelled for other reasons, however you must insure the entire trip cost for this benefit.

Are there any travel insurance policies that cover $2500 or more for baggage and personal effects loss?

Published by Chris Harvey November 18, 2008

Yes.  Several travel insurance policies cover $2500 per person for baggage loss including the TravelSafe Vacation plan and  the Travel Insured International WTP Gold Comprehensive plan.  The Travel Guard Adventure Travel Protection plan covers up to $2500 in baggage loss (which also includes sports equipment) with an option to upgrade the benefit to $5000 per ...

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If I purchase travel insurance online, how will proof of the insurance be sent to me?

Published by Chris Harvey November 17, 2008

Typically, when travel insurance is purchased online, the confirmation and policy documentation is forwarded to you through email.  A few insurance carriers will still automatically send a hard copy through the US Mail and most insurance carriers will mail policy documentation upon a phone request.

Does travel insurance cover work related reasons for trip cancellation?

Published by Chris Harvey November 14, 2008

Typically, most travel insurance plans in the past have excluded business related reasons for trip cancellation or trip interruption.  Some policies do cover an unexpected layoff or termination if you have been employed a minimum number of years, depending on the policy.  Recently, many travel insurance plans have added an optional “cancel for work reasons” ...

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Are there conditions that apply to the Supplier Default & Bankruptcy benefit in my travel insurance?

Published by Chris Harvey November 13, 2008

With today’s uncertain economic times, many travelers are becoming increasingly concerned with cancellation coverage in the event a travel supplier goes into financial default or bankruptcy. Many of the very basic and lesser expensive travel insurance plans do not cover this benefit at all. While the more comprehensive policies can provide coverage, conditions usually will ...

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