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How much does it cost to add "cancel for any reason" to a travel insurance policy?

Published by Chris Harvey January 30, 2009

More insurance carriers have been adding a “cancel for any reason” to their travel  insurance plans.  Typically the cost is a 40% – 50% upcharge in the premium for this benefit.  This benefit pays a reduced rate for cancellation (50% – 90%) and conditions apply such as insuring the full trip cost, purchasing within 14 […]

Some travel insurance companies refer to a "black list" or "white list" of covered travel suppliers. What does this mean?

Published by Chris Harvey January 29, 2009

Travel insurance is designed to cover “unforeseen” reasons.  Some carriers maintain a list of covered suppliers that is referred to by some as a white list.  Other insurance carriers maintain a list of suppliers that are not covered, sometimes referred to as a black list.  The black lists represent circumstances with certain travel suppliers that […]

I am traveling soon and only need insurance for medical and medical evacuation. Would it be best to purchase international medical rather than traditional travel insurance?

Published by Chris Harvey January 28, 2009

This depends on the length of your trip and your age. Comprehensive travel insurance with a $0 trip cost (no cancellation cover) is usually more economical if your trip is 30  – 45 days or less.  The emergency medical benefit has a shorter “look back period” to determine what is defined as pre-existing and there […]

Travelex Travel Supplier Restrictions as of 01/26/2009

Published by Chris Harvey January 27, 2009

Please refer to this page for information about suppliers for which Travelex Insurance Services has restricted or eliminated coverage on the following protection plans: Travel Plus, TraveLite, Annual Multi-Trip, Flight Plus, and group programs underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company. Travelex Insurance Services and their underwriters have made a business decision to no longer accept […]

I want to purchase a travel insurance policy for cancellation only. Why can't I exclude the other benefits?

Published by Chris Harvey January 26, 2009

There are a few travel insurance policies that offer cover for cancellation without providing comprehensive benefits like medical, medical evacuation, etc.  However, depending on your age and trip cost, these policies can sometimes be more expensive than policies with the additional benefits.  I would recommend  that you purchase the least expensive policy that meets all […]

Does travel insurance cover injuries while riding a motorcycle or scooter?

Published by Chris Harvey January 23, 2009

This can vary depending on the travel insurance policy selected.  All policies have a list of exclusions that apply. If the specific activity is not excluded, it will be covered. Always refer to the full details and exclusion listed in the policy to ensure your specific concerns are covered.

What is the difference between travel delay and missed connection?

Published by Chris Harvey January 19, 2009

Travel insurance policies typically cover travel delay and missed connections.  Travel delay is usually an amount paid per day ($150 – $200) to cover unplanned accommodations and/or meals as a result of a covered delay.  Missed connection typically reimburses you for additional transportation expenses to “catch up” to your trip in the event of a […]

Do all travel insurance policies require a 24 hour delay for trip cancellation as a result of weather?

Published by Chris Harvey January 16, 2009

The benefits for trip cancellation due to inclement weather vary depending on the policy selected.  Many travel insurance policies do require a complete cessation of your common carrier for at least 24 hours, however there are some policies with more flexible coverage definitions. You may want to look at the more comprehensive policies offered by […]

Will travel insurance cover an airline change fee?

Published by Chris Harvey January 15, 2009

Yes. Some travel insurance policies will cover an airline imposed reissue fee in the event you must re-schedule your trip for a covered reason.  This reimbursement is typically limited to $150 – $200.