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Do I need travel insurance if I have Medicare and a Medicare supplement?

Published by February 27, 2009

You should check the details of your supplemental policy to see if you have coverage while traveling outside the United States.  Many travel insurance policies provide secondary coverage which pays only the amount left over after claiming from any other current insurance plan.  Some travel insurance policies provide primary coverage which do not require you […]

Will I be charged a fee to cancel my travel insurance policy?

Published by February 25, 2009

Most travel insurance companies will refund a policy during the free look period less a non-refundable  administrative fee of approximately $5 – $8.   The free look period is typically up to 10 days after purchase, however some policies allow up to 15 days after purchase.

Does the exclusion for a pre-existing condition apply to a family member that is not traveling with us?

Published by February 24, 2009

This can vary depending on the policy selected.  While all travel insurance plans exclude pre-existing conditions, the definition and length of the “look back’ period are not always the same.  The exclusion can often be waived if certain conditions are met, like insuring the full prepaid trip cost and purchasing within an  advantage period (typically […]

Will my travel insurance policy pay directly to a hospital?

Published by February 19, 2009

Most travel insurance plans will advance a payment to a hospital to secure your admission.  Refer to the policy certificate for the full details. Some plans will advance a payment of $5,000 while others will advance payment up to the covered amount if required.

Travelex coverage for Trip Cancellation / Interruption benefits regarding job termination, layoff, etc.

Published by February 18, 2009

This article was reproduced from Travelex’s newsletter. In ‘Plane’ Language Trip Cancellation / Interruption benefits regarding job termination, layoff, etc. Plane Language: In this economy and with many employment concerns, Travelex insurance plans protect against employment termination, layoffs, transfers, mergers and acquisitions.Please see applicable policy language below. Travel Basic, Travel Select and Travel Max: Term: Employment […]

"On Trip" Purchase Protection from TravelSafe

Published by February 13, 2009

“On Trip” Purchase Protection TravelSafe Insurance is offering an exclusive industry-first benefit, “On Trip” Purchase Protection which reimburses up to $300 per person for travel arrangements that are booked while traveling. This new benefit will automatically be included at no additional cost in the TravelSafe Vacation, Premier and Prestige travel insurance plans purchased on and […]