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Terrorism Coverage Included in Most Travel Guard Plans

Published by Chris Harvey March 31, 2009

This article was reproduced from a Travel Guard newsletter. Terrorism Coverage Included in Most Travel Guard Plans Though we may wish there was no need, some travelers do worry about the possibility of a terrorist incident when planning trips to popular tourist destinations. Offering your clients a travel insurance plan with terrorism benefits can provide […]

New Airline Ticket Protector from Travel Insured is Right Plan for Family & Business Travel Budgets

Published by Chris Harvey March 30, 2009

This article was reproduced from a Travel Insured International newsletter. Travel Insured International  proudly announces our new Airline Ticket Protector plan offering expanded features, higher benefit limits and new coverage options. The plan is the right insurance choice for families for whom an airline ticket is their primary vacation travel purchase, for business travelers for […]

Will my travel medical plan cover me for risk sports such as skiing?

Published by Chris Harvey March 27, 2009

All travel insurance plans have a list of exclusions and limitations. Oftentimes, hazardous sports are listed within the exclusions section of the policy.  Some policies have a rider which can be added to the policy that covers certain sports or activities typically excluded.  Read the policy wording for the full details of the plan to […]

Spotlight on Travel Select

Published by Chris Harvey March 26, 2009

This article was reproduced from a Travelex newsletter. Spotlight on Travel Select Designed with the traveler in mind, Travel Select offers primary and comprehensive coverage. Best of all, Travel Select allows for complete customization with upgrades including our Cancel for Any Reason Pak, Transportation Pak and Lifestyle Paks. Customize for individual lifestyles by choosing as many […]

May I custom design my travel medical by changing the medical maximums and deductibles?

Published by Chris Harvey March 25, 2009

Yes, most travel medical insurance policies have options for medical maximums and deductibles which can be customized to meet your needs and adjust the premium accordingly. Generally medical maximums range from $50,000 to $1,000,000.  Typically deductibles range from $0 to $2500.  You may usually add an option for hazardous sports if required as well.

Can I renew my travel medical plan if I extend my stay?

Published by Chris Harvey March 24, 2009

Many travel medical plans may be renewed if you extend your stay.  The maximum renewal period for most policies is typically between 6 months and 3 years, depending on the policy purchased.  Standard travel insurance policies are generally not renewable.

Why are some travel insurance policies so much cheaper than others?

Published by Chris Harvey March 23, 2009

The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on your travel details, trip cost and the ages of the travelers.  When you quote for family coverage that includes children under the age of 18, some policies are covering their trip cost at a $0 premium.  Therefore, these travel insurancesignificantly less expensive than policies which […]

Does "Cancel for Work Reasons" cover me if I am self employed?

Published by Chris Harvey March 20, 2009

Many travel insurance plans are now offering a “cancel for work’ benefit as a selectable option for an additional premium.  Typically, this benefit covers your prepaid non-refundable trip cost in the event you are required to work and requires supporting documentation such as a notarized statement from your employer.  Self employed persons are not necessarily […]

Will travel insurance cover me if my visa is denied and I am unable to go?

Published by Chris Harvey March 19, 2009

No, unfortunately, having a visa denied is not a covered reason for cancellation with travel insurance polices. You would need to consider a policy that offers “cancel for any reason”.  This would allow you to cancel for “any”  reason up to 2 days before departure and file a claim. However this benefit generally costs 40 […]