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Update: Upheaval in Honduras

Published by June 30, 2009

According to an article from eTurbo News, the president of Honduras was removed in a coup over the weekend and is currently in exile in Costa Rica.  Currently there has been no disruption of normal tourist services.  In the capital city, Tegucigalpa, there are small protests by the ousted president’s supporters, and some roadblocks have […]

Why You Might Need Travel Insurance

Published by June 29, 2009

According to an article in the New York Daily News, life is filled with unexpected moments, and many tend to occur on vacation or a business trip.  To help protect against unpleasant, unexpected moments, many people buy travel insurance before leaving home.  Many others wonder if it’s worth the additional expense, which generally starts at […]

You Are Not Required To Buy Travel Insurance From a Tour Operator

Published by June 26, 2009

According to Money High Street, with many major travel operators about to release their 2010 travel deals, don’t forget that travelers don’t have to buy travel insurance from a tour operator.  Shopping around to get the best travel insurance is a wise move. Paying too much for travel insurance is one reason that shopping and […]

Travel Medical Plans: Why Smart Travelers are Buying Them

Published by June 25, 2009

According to HTH Worldwide’s Healthy Travel Blog, scores of Americans are traveling the globe for leisure, business, study and missionary travel.  Because of the recent travel concerns raised by the H1N1 pandemic and terrorist threats like the Mumbai attacks, many of these smart travelers are better planning and preparing to avoid potential hazards. Greater consumer […]

Delayed Departure Can Be a Nightmare

Published by June 24, 2009

According to Money High Street, having your holiday departure delayed can be a nightmare.  Be careful to check the travel delay cover offered by your travel insurance policy.  Even if you find a great deal on travel insurance, you should still make sure you get good travel delay cover. Travel insurance plans that cover travel […]

Plan for the Unexpected

Published by June 23, 2009

According to, travelers’ checklists often include little more than a camera, passport and sunblock. But before boarding the plane, make sure you have health coverage in case an emergency occurs while you’re away. U.S.-based health-insurance providers rarely extend substantial benefits while you’re outside the country. Contact your insurance provider to verify your coverage abroad. […]

How Premium is Determined

Published by June 22, 2009

Travel insurance quotes factor in several elements to determine the cost of the premium.  Travel insurance plans that offer coverage for trip cancellation and trip interruption take into account the cost of the trip, duration of the trip, age and number of travelers.  Medical only plans are focused on the age of the insured, the […]

Suppliers May Not Be Able to Meet Payments During Economic Crisis

Published by June 19, 2009

According to eTravel Blackboard, suppliers and tour companies could find themselves unable to meet short-term financial obligations including deposits and final payments to hotels and other travel suppliers. These difficulties have risen because of today’s economic challenges, particularly the reduced availability of credit. This may only be temporary if the supplier is otherwise healthy, however, […]

Carry-on Baggage Size May Become Standard in the US

Published by June 18, 2009

According to eTurboNews, Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-IL) has submitted a bill that seeks to set one enforceable standard for all bags carried on board US commercial aircraft.  The Securing Carry-On Baggage Act, H.R. 2870, would create a universal size requirement for carry-0n bags instead of allowing each carrier to determine its own size requirements.  The […]

Selectable Options and Travel Insurance

Published by June 17, 2009

Some travel insurance plans provide additional or increased benefits that are selectable options.  These can include:  increasing the amount of emergency medical & dental, medical evacuation & repatriation, changing the deductable amounts, adding life insurance, cancel for any reason, cancel for work reasons, hazardous sports, and rental car coverage.  To select one of the increased […]