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What is Final Payment Date and Why is it Important?

Published by October 30, 2009

When getting a travel insurance quote, you must select whether or not there are still payments to make toward your trip.  This information can impact what coverage benefits are available with some travel insurance plans.  CSA Travel Protection and HTH Worldwide have plans that will cover pre-existing conditions if the policy is purchased with or before you final trip payment.  ...

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What is the Deposit Date and Why is it Important?

Published by October 29, 2009

When getting a travel insurance quote, it is important to enter an accurate date for the initial trip deposit.  The deposit date is when the first payment was made towards any aspect of the trip.  Whether the payment was made to a travel agent, cruise company, airline or any other travel company, the date first ...

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Life Insurance with Travel Insurance

Published by October 28, 2009

Some travel insurance plans offer life insurance benefits with the policy.  This coverage can be already included, or a selectable upgrade that will raise the cost of the premium.  Life insurance can be categorized in one of three ways. Life Insurance Air Flight Accident AD&D provides coverage in the event of death or dismemberment while ...

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Zero Complaint Guarantee – Squaremouth

Published by October 27, 2009

Finding the right travel insurance plan is made easier with Squaremouth’s Zero Complaint Guarantee.  No matter which insurance carrier is chosen, the traveler has this extra assurance.  If there is a claim that is not being handled properly, Squaremouth will open a case against the insurance carrier on the traveler’s behalf.  If the insurance carrier ...

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Will Travel Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

Published by October 26, 2009

Most travel insurance plans exclude pre-existing conditions from coverage.  However, there are plans that will waive the pre-existing conditions exclusion, in other words, pre-existing conditions will be covered.  This waiver is available one of two ways:  either purchase the insurance within a set amount of time from the deposit date, normally 14-21 days, or purchase ...

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Hospital of Choice or Nearest Facility

Published by October 22, 2009

Many travel insurance plans offer coverage for medical evacuation & repatriation.  However, not all plans offer medical transportation to a hospital of choice.  In most cases, the traveler will be evacuated to the nearest adequate medical facility.  However, there are options, such as MedJet Assist, that will transport a hospitalized traveler to their hospital of ...

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Primary and Secondary Emergency Medical & Dental

Published by October 21, 2009

When getting a travel insurance quote, some plans offer primary coverage while others offer secondary coverage with emergency medical & dental.  Primary and secondary refers to who is first in line to receive a medical claim.  If the traveler has primary coverage through travel insurance, then there is a choice of who should receive the ...

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The Cost of Travel Insurance

Published by October 20, 2009

When comparing travel insurance plans, there will be many options at different prices.  The price listed is the total cost to cover as many travelers that are listed on the quote form.  The cost of travel insurance is calculated based on the duration of the trip, cost of the trip, number of travelers and their ...

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Free Look Period With Travel Insurance

Published by October 19, 2009

After purchasing a travel insurance policy, there is a free look period.  It is important to read through the certificate of insurance, look at the benefits of coverage and the exclusions to make certain that the policy is adequate.  If the decision is made to cancel the policy within the free look period, then there ...

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What is Mountaineering

Published by October 16, 2009

Some travel insurance plans will cover hazardous sports, including mountaineering.  Most plans specifically define mountaineering and will exclude this activity unless hazardous sports coverage is added.  Mountaineering can either be determined by elevation or by the use of equipment, such as ropes or pickaxes.  Scenic hiking or walking trails are normally not considered mountaineering.  Always refer to ...

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