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What If I Don’t Know My Total Trip Cost Yet?

Published by November 30, 2009

When getting a travel insurance quote, the trip cost must be entered.  Trip cost should be the total amount of the pre-paid and non-refundable expenses associated with the trip.  If the trip cost is unknown at the time of the travel insurance quote, then the traveler has two options.  First, the traveler can enter the […]

Will Travel Insurance Cover Me if I am Driving not Flying?

Published by November 25, 2009

Travel insurance is designed to cover the traveler from the time that they leave their home, throughout the trip until they return back home.  This is true whether the travel plans include a flight or not.  If there is an accident while driving to the destination, then there can be coverage for emergency medical & […]

Will the Price be Different if I Change the Destination?

Published by November 24, 2009

When getting a travel insurance quote, one of the question to be answered is the destination country.  If the travel plans include multiple countries, then the country where the most time will be spent should be entered.  The cost of the travel insurance premium is not affected by the choice of destination.  Premium cost is […]

Will Secondary Medical Reimburse Deductibles and Co-Payments?

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Most travel insurance plans provide emergency medical & dental coverage.  This benefit will either be primary or secondary coverage.  Secondary coverage means that any medical claim must first be made through the traveler’s primary health care plan.  Any remaining costs or out of pocket expenses, such as deductibles and co-payments can then be claimed under […]

Can I Purchase Travel Insurance for Somebody Else?

Published by November 20, 2009

It is common for a parent, family member,  or a friend to purchase travel insurance though they are not listed on the policy.  When getting a travel insurance quote, enter the trip details of those who are to be covered.  On the purchase page, list the traveler’s information, but the credit card used to buy […]

Will the Same Insurance be Cheaper Somewhere Else?

Published by November 19, 2009

The cost of the travel insurance premium is based on the length of the trip, cost of the trip, number of travelers and the travelers’ ages.  Regardless of where or from what source the traveler shops for a policy, the same plan will cost the same amount.  There is no cost advantage with buying directly […]

I Only Need to Cover a Portion of the Trip

Published by November 18, 2009

Some travelers are only interested in having coverage during some of the trip.  However, travel insurance is designed to cover the traveler from the front door of their home, through the trip and back to their home.  When getting a travel insurance quote, it is important to be accurate with the departure and return date.  […]

What if I Miss the Cruise Departure?

Published by November 17, 2009

Travel insurance can assist travelers who miss the port of call for their cruise.  When a flight is delayed because of inclement weather, mechanical breakdown or labor strike, and the traveler misses the cruise departure, travel insurance can catch up the traveler to the next port.  This coverage is available in one of three benefits. […]

What to do When Medical Treatment is Needed

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Travel insurance and international medical insurance plans have emergency assistance phone numbers.  When inside the United States, it is a toll free number, outside the United States, it is a collect call.  As soon as there is a need for the emergency medical & dental or medical evacuation & repatriation coverage, the traveler should contact […]

Christopher Elliott Discusses Where to Buy Travel Insurance

Published by November 13, 2009

A recent post on talks about where travelers should and shouldn’t shop for travel insurance.  One of the world’s leading travel experts, Christopher Elliott says,  “When the subject of travel insurance comes up, I’m usually quick to say: Don’t buy the first policy you’re offered.  That’s because the first policy is normally a brochure […]