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CSA Now Considers Service Animals Traveling Companions

Published by February 26, 2010

Travel insurance plans that offer coverage for trip cancellation and trip interruption often cover situations that involve traveling companions.   Normally, traveling companions are people who share a common itinerary.  CSA Travel Protection has expanded their definition of a traveling companion to include service animals, such as seeing eye dogs.  Always refer to the certificate of […]

Snowstorms in the Northeastern United States

Published by February 25, 2010

A recent article on addressed the recent snowstorms in the Northeastern United States. “A major storm blanketed parts of the Northeast in snow on Thursday, causing power outages, airport delays and flight cancellations.” “More than 1,000 flights were canceled at New York area airports, according to John Kelly, a spokesman for the Port Authority […]

Does the Entire Traveling Party Need the Same Policy?

Published by February 24, 2010

Most travel insurance plans allow for travelers who are not related to be on the same policy.  However, this is not required for everyone who is traveling together.  Each traveler is able to get their own policy and, in some cases, this can be more beneficial.  For example, some policy benefits like travel delay, baggage […]

Trip Cancellation vs Cancel For Any Reason

Published by February 23, 2010

Some travel insurance plans offer both trip cancellation coverage and cancel for any reason coverage. Trip cancellation requires that a trip be canceled for a covered reason.  Each plan has a list of covered reasons, but they tend to be events that are unforeseen and uncontrollable.  The most common covered reason that is claimed is […]

Statement from Travel Guard on the Lufthansa Strike

Published by February 22, 2010

Travel insurance carriers release position statements when current events affect coverage.  The following is a position statement from Travel Guard on the Lufthansa Strike. “Lufthansa has announced a pilot strike from February 22 – 25 for a large number of flights.  Based on the information we have received, policies would need to be purchased prior […]

What is a Pre-Existing Condition?

Published by February 19, 2010

Some travel insurance plans provide coverage for pre-existing conditions.  The definition of a pre-existing condition will depend on the look back period.  The look back period is an amount of time in the past from the effective date.  If there is any change in a previously diagnosed medical condition during the look back period, then […]

Why Are Some Plans Less Expensive but Have Higher Benefits?

Published by February 18, 2010

When comparing travel insurance, many plans vary significantly in price.  In some cases, a plan might have higher benefit levels than plans that are more expensive.  This is because the cost of the premium is calculated based on your individual quote, and different plans are designed for different demographics.  Some plans are less expensive when […]

What is My Final Trip Payment Date?

Published by February 17, 2010

One question that must be answered to get a travel insurance quote is whether or not there are trip payments remaining.  The final trip payment date is when the largest single expense of the trip is paid in full.  This is important because some travel insurance carriers provide coverage for pre-existing conditions only if the […]

Can I Insure a Trip That I Won?

Published by February 16, 2010

Travel insurance can be purchased to cover many types of travel.  However, trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage will only insure pre-paid and non-refundable expenses of the trip.  If a trip is a prize that was won, then there is no out of pocket expense of the traveler and no money at risk in the […]

What is my Deposit Date?

Published by February 15, 2010

To get a travel insurance quote, the initial trip deposit date must be entered.  This should be the date that the first payment of any kind was made toward the trip.  This could be a cruise, flight, lodging or tour, for example. This date is important because some coverage benefits are only available for a […]