Archive for June 2010 – Luggage Box an Alternative to Toting Bags

Published by June 30, 2010

Airline fees continue to increase and checked luggage charges are no exception.  An article on addressed an innovative alternative to checked luggage. Frustrated with the baggage fees airlines seem to be throwing at you left and right? UPS has introduced a new product that reminds travelers of an alternative to lugging bags. Ship your ...

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Update on Tropical Storm Alex

Published by June 29, 2010

Travel insurance plans can cover incidents related to tropical storms, hurricanes and other weather.  The following is an update from The Weather Channel on Tropical Storm Alex in the Gulf of Mexico. Tropical Storm Alex is still just shy of hurricane status, but it could become a hurricane later this evening. As of 7 pm ...

Read More – Atlanta Airport Delays Have Most Ripple Effects

Published by Aidan Harvey June 28, 2010

A recent article on identified airline delays at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta as having a large impact on travel. ATLANTA — A study says more delays at major airports across the country were attributed to problems at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport than at any other. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said the report by the Government ...

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Statement from Travel Guard on Hurricane Darby

Published by June 25, 2010

Travel insurance carriers release position statements when current events affect coverage.  With hurricanes and other natural disasters, once the event becomes foreseeable, policies purchased after that time will not cover that event.  With tropical storms and hurricanes, this is when the storm is named.  The following is a statement from Travel Guard on hurricane Darby. ...

Read More – Tarmac Fiasco Renews Call for International Rules

Published by June 24, 2010

A recent article on reported on a four hour Virgin Atlantic flight delay on the tarmac in Newark. A hot, dark and miserable four-hour stretch spent by hundreds of travelers parked in a diverted trans-Atlantic plane renewed calls Wednesday to add international travel to a months-old federal rule limiting how long airlines can keep ...

Read More Discusses Adventure Sports

Published by June 23, 2010

A recent article on discussed ways that travelers should be prepared when adventure sports are a part of the vacation plans and how travel insurance can protect them during the trip. Most insurers still haven’t wrapped their brains around outdoor sports—especially those that entail some degree of risk, like mountain climbing. Typical health insurance ...

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Travel Guard Discusses New Airline Baggage Rules

Published by June 22, 2010

Travel insurance carriers often discuss relevant travel topics that would be useful to potential customers planning a vacation.  Travel Guard recently posted a story about the new airline baggage rules on the travel news section of their website. Frequent fliers have certainly encountered the baggage fees that many airlines are now imposing. These fees aren’t ...

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Travel Guard Statement on the Swedish Airline Pilot Association Strike

Published by June 21, 2010

Travel insurance carriers release position statements when current events affect coverage.  When an event is considered foreseeable, policies purchased after that time will not cover that event.  The following is a statement from Travel Guard on the Swedish Airline Pilot Association strike. The Swedish Airline Pilot Association announced they will begin a strike on 06/7/10. ...

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What is the Best Cruise Insurance?

Published by June 17, 2010

Travel insurance can cover a variety of different trips, from simple family visits to elaborate resort vacations or cruises.  Most policies are not specific to one type of vacation.  When comparing plans, try to identify which coverage benefits are most important for this trip, in other words, what could go wrong and needs to be ...

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USA Today Discusses Gulf Coast Tourism and the Oil Spill

Published by June 16, 2010

A recent article on gave advice to travlers considering a future cruise in the Gulf of Mexico.  Rich Tucker of was quoted in the article with suggestions for travel planning, spending and travel insurance.  The following is an excerpt from the article with specific points of guidance. — Don’t give up on cruises ...

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