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Which Hurricane Insurance is Best?

Published by September 30, 2010

The most active time of hurricane season is here and many travelers are asking which travel insurance policy has the best coverage.  Some insurance may seem to offer more coverage for trip cancellation or trip interruption, but depending on the vacation, it is important to look closely to find the right policy. Good hurricane coverage […]

Time to Buy Holiday Tickets, Time to Buy Travel Insurance

Published by September 28, 2010

Only a few days into the fall season, many people are already planning for the holidays.  Booking travel plans early is important, and the same is true for travel insurance.  Travel Guard recently posted an article about airline prices for the holiday season.  The following is an excerpt from the story. The holidays may not […]

Statement from Travel Guard on the Spain General Strike

Published by September 27, 2010

Travel insurance carriers release position statements when current events affect coverage.  These statements identify what benefits are no longer available for future policy purchases.  When a labor strike of a common carrier becomes a foreseeable event, policies sold after then will not cover situations related to the labor strike.  The following is a statement from […]

Financial Default Coverage and Cruise West

Published by September 24, 2010

Many travel insurance plans cover financial default of a travel supplier.  This applies to trip cancellation and trip interruption if travel plans are affected because a travel supplier becomes financially insolvent and cannot provide service.  It is common for this coverage to only be available if the policy is purchased within a set time from […]

Coverage Can Overlap Within Travel Insurance

Published by September 23, 2010

Travel insurance plans normally include a package of benefits ranging from trip cancellation, to medical evacuation, to life insurance.  There are many situations a traveler might face where multiple coverage benefits would apply.  For example, a medical emergency could lead to a claim for emergency medical, medical evacuation, trip interruption and even life insurance.  Recently, […]

TravelSafe Answers a Frequently Asked Trip Cancellation Question

Published by Aidan Harvey September 22, 2010

Most travel insurance plans cover trip cancellation and trip interruption.  If, for a covered reason, the traveler is unable to take or continue their trip, travel insurance will reimburse the unused and non-refundable trip cost.  TravelSafe provides a little more detail on the FAQ section of their website. I don’t have travel insurance, but something […]

When Terrorism Coverage Won’t Work

Published by September 21, 2010

Many travel insurance plans include coverage for terrorism.  This can include trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical and medical evacuation.  Most plans require that the act of terrorism be within a set time from your scheduled trip departure, normally 30 days, and that the attack be in a city listed on your itinerary.  Travel Insured […]

Travelex Writes About Travel Delay

Published by September 20, 2010

Most travel insurance plans include travel delay coverage.  This reimburses expenses when a traveler is delayed for a certain amount of time, anywhere from 5 – 24 hours, depending on the plan.  Travelex recently wrote about this benefit in their agent newsletter. Whether it is a hurricane, earthquake or blizzard that delays your clients’ travels, […]

Statement from Travel Guard on Hurricane Karl

Published by

Travel insurance carriers release position statements when current events affect coverage.  Once an event is considered foreseeable, new policies purchased will not cover that event.  This is most common when hurricanes and tropical storms are named, they are considered foreseeable.  The following is a statement from Travel Guard on Hurricane Karl. Tropical Storm Karl became […]

Travel Loyalty Programs

Published by September 16, 2010

Many different types of trips can be covered by travel insurance.  This can include cruises, tours, flights, family visits, business trips and more.  Trip cancellation and trip interruption protects the financial costs of the trip, however, points and miles from loyalty programs are different. When getting a travel insurance quote, the trip cost can include […]