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Fog Delays Cruises in Galveston

Published by February 28, 2011

When bad weather causes delays and interruptions, travel insurance can help.  Recent fog in Galveston, Texas has made it difficult for cruise ships to port.  An article from USA Today addressed the recent weather events affecting several cruise itineraries. Royal Caribbean International said that due to the port closure, the 3,114-passenger Voyager of the Seas’s ...

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Tourism Discouraged After the Earthquake in New Zealand

Published by Aidan Harvey February 25, 2011

A massive earthquake devastated Christchurch, New Zealand earlier this week, bringing tourism to a halt.  This has prompted many travelers to look into how travel insurance can assist with their vacation plans that have now come into question.  A recent article from USA Today discussed the severity of the damage and that travel to the ...

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Travelex Spotlights Cancel For Any Reason

Published by February 24, 2011

Travel insurance carriers frequently highlight specific coverage benefits in their newsletters.  This is convenient because some coverage can be more important based on the season, such as hurricane coverage, while other coverage can be particularly relevant for current events affecting travel, such as civil unrest in the Middle East and Africa.  Travelex recently focused on ...

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Future Cruises to Libya in Question

Published by February 23, 2011

The revolt in Libya has put many travel plans to the region in jeopardy.  Concerned travelers should be aware that a new travel insurance policy will not cover any loss caused by the unrest in Libya, as it is considered a foreseeable event.  This doesn’t change the fact that many itineraries are changing and reservations ...

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Statement from CSA on the Earthquake in New Zealand

Published by February 22, 2011

Travel insurance carriers issue position statements to clarify how coverage is impacted by current events.  These statements can address natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, or political situations, such as civil unrest and terrorist attacks.  It is important to understand once a current event is considered foreseeable, a new policy will not cover anything ...

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More Civil Unrest in the Middle East and Africa

Published by Aidan Harvey February 21, 2011

Riots and political uprising has expanded beyond Egypt.  More countries in the Middle East and Africa are experiencing varying degrees of unrest.   Many travelers worried about upcoming trips and how travel insurance can help.  A recent post on the HTH Worldwide Healthy Travel Blog addressed the demonstrations are spreading through the region. Successful citizen ...

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Statement fom TravelSafe on the Political Demonstrations in Bahrain

Published by February 17, 2011

Travel insurance carriers use position statements to address how current events can be covered.  In addition to identifying what coverage is available, these statements can also be used to establish the date an event is considered foreseeable.  This is important because anything that could be reasonably expected to interfere with the trip at the time ...

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Cancellations Expected as United Airlines Grounds Planes

Published by February 16, 2011

Travel insurance can reimburse travelers whose itineraries are unexpectedly changed by the airlines.  Depending on the policy, delays and cancellations caused by weather, labor strikes or mechanical breakdown can be covered.  United Airlines has voluntarily grounded almost 100 planes for maintenance issues and many travelers will experience delayed or cancelled flights as a result.  The ...

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Events in 2010 Highlight the Value of Travel Insurance

Published by February 15, 2011

Many travelers are aware of travel insurance but don’t see the need for a policy until their travel plans have been affected.  The various disasters and events impacting travel in 2010 have served as examples of how useful travel insurance can be.  A recent New York Times article reviews travel in 2010 and travel insurance. ...

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Delayed vs Cancelled Flights

Published by February 14, 2011

With so much inclement weather affecting air travel over the past several months, travelers are having to adjust their itineraries based on how the airlines have.  Travel insurance provides relief for these travelers, and, depending on the situation, multiple coverage benefits can apply.  One aspect that determines what coverage is available is whether a flight ...

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