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Mishandled Luggage in 2010

Published by March 30, 2011

Lost or delayed luggage may not be the worst thing that can happen on a vacation, but it is a situation where having a good travel insurnace policy helps.  Most travelers have at least one story that involves lost, damaged or delayed bags.  According to an article from MSNBC, the reported cases of mishandled luggage ...

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iTravelInsured Answers Earthquake Questions

Published by March 30, 2011

Travel insurance carriers will often answer coverage questions in their agent newsletters.  The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has prompted many travelers to ask how this is covered by travel insurance.  The following is from iTravelInsured’s newsletter answering some common questions about this situation. Ask the Insurance Experts: ´Is the earthquake that occurred in ...

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Flights Cancelled Because of Computer Problems

Published by March 29, 2011

Not all flight delays are caused by weather or mechanical issues with the airplane.  Alaskan Airlines recently had to delay and cancel flights due to computer failure.  Passengers affected by the itinerary changes should check with the airline and their travel insurance policy to see what restitution is available.  A recent article from CBS provided ...

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Fire at the Miami Airport

Published by March 25, 2011

This week a fire broke out at the Miami airport and many travelers are asking how travel insurance coverage would help in this situation.  Those concerned about upcoming trips through this airport should contact the airline to find out if there are any itinerary changes and check their travel insurance policy to see how they ...

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Study Abroad and Alcohol Consumption

Published by March 23, 2011

Travel insurance isn’t just for the cruise or resort vacation.  Volunteers, business people, family members and students traveling can be protected as well.  The type of trip might mean different risks, making some coverage benefits more important.  A recent post on HTH Worldwide’s Healthy Travel Blog addressed alcohol as a substantial risk to student travelers. ...

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A Travel Triumph from Travelex

Published by March 22, 2011

It is common for travel insurance providers to share customer experiences in their agent newsletters.  Learning how another traveler made use of the travel insurance coverage helps other travelers understand how a policy can protect them.  The following is an excerpt from the Travelex newsletter. I just wanted to thank Travelex for riding to the ...

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Airlines Adjusting Flights to Japan

Published by March 18, 2011

The natural disaster and subsequent radiation risks are having a significant impact on travel to the region.  Cruises are adjusting itineraries to avoid some Japanese ports and airlines are being cautious about flying to certain Japanese airports.  Those whose travel plans are being changed should check their travel insurance policy to see exactly how they ...

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A Travel Tale from Travel Guard

Published by March 16, 2011

Travel insurance providers often share customer testimonials on their websites, blogs or newsletters.  Hearing how the insurance coverage benefited other travelers before can go a long way to build confidence for those planning future trips.  The following is  from Travel Guard’s agent newsletter and is a story about a couples cruise that had to be ...

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Cruises Cancelling Calls to Japanese Ports

Published by March 15, 2011

The recent disaster in Japan is having a large impact on travel to the region.  Travel insurance coverage may be limited, depending on the policy and the specific situation.  Many destinations are uninhabitable, flights are being delayed or cancelled and cruises are adjusting itineraries to avoid disaster areas.    An article from USA Today addresses in ...

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Travel Guard Answers Questions About the Earthquake in Japan

Published by Aidan Harvey March 14, 2011

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan has many travelers wondering how they are covered by their travel insurance policy.  Insurance providers will give additional information when such current events may affect coverage.  The following is a list of frequently asked questions and answers from Travel Guard. The below questions and answers apply to plans purchased ...

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