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International Health Insurance for U.S. Students Traveling Abroad

Published by Aidan Harvey April 29, 2011

Studying abroad may require some students to buy international health insurance. Squaremouth allows students and parents to compare multiple travel insurance plans that will cover students when traveling abroad. Students and parents should first check with the school’s study abroad program to see if international health insurance is available. If coverage is not available, or […]

US Travel Warning for Mexico

Published by April 28, 2011

Travel insurance can protect a vacation investment if it has to be cancelled or interrupted for a reason that is written in the policy.  Most of the time this is because of a sickness, injury or death of a traveler or family member, but many other unforeseeable circumstances can apply as well.  A recent expanded […]

St. Louis Air Traffic Returning to Normal After Storm

Published by Aidan Harvey April 25, 2011

Many people compare travel insurance in case of delays at the airport.  Over the weekend, a tornado stormed through St. Louis damaging hundreds of homes and the airport.  Flights have been delayed and cancelled over the weekend, but air traffic is making a quick recovery.  A recent article from CNN provided more details. Flights resumed […]

New System for Terror Threat Levels

Published by April 22, 2011

Most travelers have heard an airport announcement or seen a news story reminding what color the terror threat level is.  For those traveling, hearing orange or red level made them glad they had purchased a travel insurance policy to cover their trip.  But the color system was sometimes confusing.  For many, it is difficult to […]

Oil Spill Anniversary Reminds us Man Made Disasters are Not Covered

Published by April 21, 2011

On April 20th, 2010 the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico threatened thousands of vacationers planning to visit the beach.  The potential impact the oil would have on the shoreline was unknown, and many people inquired how travel insurance would help in this situation.  One year after the disaster, it is still important […]

Another Travel Triumph from Travelex

Published by April 19, 2011

Travel insurance providers often share customer testimonials on their website or in their agent newsletter.  Travelex recently included a customer’s trip cancellation experience in their newsletter.  The following is an excerpt from the story. I have aging parents and I travel a lot. My initial reason was to purchase insurance to cover out of pocket, […]

Adventure Travel Insurance

Published by April 19, 2011

Question from Lonely Plant’s Thorn Tree travel forum Travel Insurance for Trekking in Nepal I’m leaving for a trek in Nepal next week and “get travel insurance” has been neglected on my to-do list. What are your recommendations? World Nomads is recommended by Lonely Planet, but had some pretty poor reviews on claims on the […]

Storms Leave Devestating Path in the Midwest and Southern US

Published by April 18, 2011

Many people compare travel insurance to protect them while they are on vacation, but the right policy can also cover situations back home.  Extreme weather in the last week has wreaked havoc in communities across the Midwest and South.  A recent article from ABC provided more details about the damage left behind by the storms. […]

Luggage that is Not Claimed

Published by April 15, 2011

Most travel insurance plans cover luggage that is delayed or lost during the trip.  This is useful for travelers who need their belongings, but the bags did not arrive with them.  Those travelers who don’t realize they are missing luggage may never claim them, either with the airlines or with travel insurance.  A recent article […]

More Earthquakes in Japan

Published by April 12, 2011

Many travelers are looking into travel insurance after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear problems in Japan last month.  Airlines have cancelled flights, cruises have adjusted itineraries and many people do not feel safe traveling to the region.  The situation is compounding, as another earthquake struck Japan this morning.  The following is an excerpt from a […]