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Can a Trip be Cancelled Because a Visa was Denied?

Published by June 9, 2011

International travel plans are often contingent upon whether a traveler is able to obtain a visa to visit the foreign country.  If the visa application is denied, or not received in time, the trip might have to be cancelled.  While most travel insurance plans include trip cancellation coverage, benefits are only available if the trip […]

Can Rented Sports Equipment be Covered by Travel Insurance?

Published by June 7, 2011

Most travel insurance plans offer a package of coverage benefits that can cover a variety of expenses and circumstances during a trip.  A common question for adventure travelers is whether rented ski equipment, scuba gear or bikes can be covered.  The answer can be yes and no depending on what type of coverage someone is […]

Pre-Existing Conditions Excluded, Does That Mean All Coverage?

Published by June 3, 2011

Most travel insurance plans contain an exclusion for pre-existing conditions.  This means any loss caused by a pre-existing condition is not covered.  This is normally listed in the general policy exclusions, which means it affects all coverage for that plan.  However, look closely when comparing plans because some do not apply the exclusion to t […]

Another Travelex Travel Triumph

Published by June 1, 2011

Travel insurance providers often share customer experiences on their websites, blogs or agent newsletters.  The testimony of another traveler who was helped by their coverage can go a long way building confidence for other travelers.  The following is from Travelex’s agent newsletter and shares the story of travelers who couldn’t take their trip to New […]