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Statement from CSA on Tropical Storm Cindy

Published by July 21, 2011

Travel insurance carriers release position statements when current events affect coverage.  Once an event is considered foreseeable, new policies purchased will not cover that event.  The most common example of an event becoming foreseeable is when a hurricane or tropical storm is named.  After the storm is named, it is too late to purchase a […]

Planes Collide At Boston Airport

Published by July 15, 2011

Travel insurance can help travelers in many different situations, even one of the worst case scenarios of a plane collision.  That was the case yesterday as tragedy was avoided when a Delta jet clipped a regional airline plane.  CBS News provided more detail on the incident. The wing of a Delta jet clipped the tail […]

Wildfires and Travel Insurance

Published by July 1, 2011

Travel insurance helps protect a vacation against many unexpected situations that can ruin a trip.  The wildfires in the southwestern United States has many travelers asking how travel insurance can help.  Depending on which policy and when the policy was purchased, there can be several coverage benefits that apply. First it is important to note […]