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Lost Travel Documents and Travel Insurance

Published by August 20, 2011

Many people think about travel insurance for an expensive medical evacuation or having to cancel a trip, but most policies offer other types of assistance during a trip.  One common scenario is lost passports or travel documents.  Every policy has a 24 hour emergency assistance service number that is a free call from anywhere in […]

How to Use Your Travel Insurance

Published by August 15, 2011

A common question when comparing travel insurance is what to do if the coverage is needed during the trip.  First, it is important to remember that every policy has a toll free, 24 hour emergency assistance number, which is a collect call from out of the country.   These services help arrange medical transportation and treatment […]

Flight Diverted Because of Weather

Published by August 10, 2011

Travel insurance can help travelers in a variety of circumstances, but one of the more common concerns is an airline delay.  Many travelers have had an experience where a flight was not on time because of mechanical problems, labor strikes or bad weather.  Most of the time, a delay would occur while the travelers are […]

Cancelled Cruise – A Travelex Travel Triumph

Published by August 8, 2011

Sharing customer experiences is a common way that providers promote their travel insurance.  Hearing how the insurance coverage helped other travelers helps people understand the value and how a policy could benefit them on an upcoming trip.  The following is a customer testimonial from Travelex about travelers that had to cancel their cruise. I had […]