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The Trend Toward Separate Vacations for Couples

Published by July 31, 2012

A recent Reuters article discussed a new vacation trend among couples: separate vacations. This shouldn’t be particularly surprising, as there appears to be a movement toward independence among both men and women in relationships.  Times are changing and more people are comfortable rewriting the rules of relationships to fit their needs. But does this mean ...

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Airline Mergers Lead to Spike in Flight Delay

Published by July 30, 2012

Summer vacation is in full swing and families are flocking to airports to squeeze in weekend getaways. With the luggage checked and itineraries set, the last thing travelers want to see is “DELAYED” plastered across the flight status screen. With several airline mergers occurring over the past few years, there has been a spike in ...

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Will Travel Insurance Cover Electronic Items Bought Online?

Published by July 27, 2012

From Lonely Planet travel forum (find the full discussion here): I’m looking at buying a DSLR [a type of digital camera] for my travels from ebay, new, from one of the business sellers or “ebay shops”. Does anyone know if travel insurance companies will cover items bought in this way (you still get an electronic ...

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Do you even need travel insurance?

Published by July 26, 2012

As many tighten their belts on vacation budgets, there has been an increase in travel insurance purchases. This makes sense; travelers want to protect their vacation dollars now more than ever. A travel insurance policy can provide protection against many circumstances which could sideline vacation plans. However, do you really need travel insurance? Before purchasing ...

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One-Way Trip Travel Insurance

Published by July 24, 2012

From Tripadvisor Travelers Forum (find the entire thread here): My girlfriend and I are about to travel to Southeast Asia for 5 months, and obviously need travel insurance. We’re living in New Zealand at the moment but will not be returning to New Zealand. Does anybody know of travel companies that will insure? The majority ...

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A Costly Lesson in Insurance Limitations

Published by July 23, 2012

Last month, 27-year-old New Zealander, Sean Kenzie was in a serious motorbike accident while visiting Thailand. He was hit by a van, suffering two punctured lungs, a split liver, and broken ribs.  Kenzie had to undergo immediate surgery to save his life, quickly racking up a $13,000 medical bill. Before leaving home, Kenzie purchased a ...

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Understanding Financial Default Coverage

Published by July 20, 2012

From Fodor’s Travel Discussion Forum (You can find the full conversation here): “If you’re booking with a company outside of the US and they go out of business will basic trip insurance that says it covers “supplier bankruptcy or default” reimburse you? Or is there some loophole if you can’t “prove” there is 100% cessation ...

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Avoiding Vacations For Fear of Employment Layoff or Revocation of Time Off

Published by July 19, 2012

In a recent New York Post article, Joe Robinson, founder of the “Work to Live” campaign, argues that employers should pay attention to the increased productivity of employees who vacation. He explains that it is illogical for employers to be resistant to allowing employees vacation time. Vacations give people the necessary time to emotionally recharge ...

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Understanding the Travel Delay Benefit of Travel Insurance Policies

Published by July 18, 2012

When it comes to air travel, flight delays are a regular occurrence. For those who do any amount of flying, chances are that at some point, they’ve been stuck at the airport enduring a dreaded delay. Although airports can be fascinating places to people watch, the interest level wanes as exhaustion and frustration mounts.  For ...

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Adventure Vacations: What Will Travel Insurance Cover?

Published by July 17, 2012

For the adventurous of heart, there are a myriad of operators that promise to lead travelers on tours and expeditions of every kind. From mountain biking through the Costa Rican rain forests to trekking up Mount Everest, adventure-seekers have no shortage of vacation options. When taking an adventure trip overseas, remember that most medical insurance ...

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