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Traveling During Labor Day Weekend

Published by August 31, 2012

According to AAA, thirty-three million people will be traveling at least 50 miles from home this Labor Day weekend. With an increase in air traffic, travelers may face flight cancellations or delays. To fight costly interruptions, many people will purchase a travel insurance policy for the busy holiday weekend. Baggage may be lost or delayed […]

CSA Position Statement on Tropical Storm Leslie and Hurricane Kirk

Published by Aidan Harvey August 31, 2012

Travel insurance providers often release position statements to identify how coverage applies to current events, most commonly when tropical storms are named. Once a tropical storm is named, travelers can no longer purchase coverage for that storm. The following are position statements from the travel insurance provider, CSA: Tropical Storm Leslie 8/30/2012 Tropical Storm Leslie has formed […]

Purchasing Travel Insurance From an Airline

Published by August 30, 2012

From Fodors Travel Intelligence forum (find the full discussion here): When you book a flight online, at the end, you are usually asked to purchase flight insurance. If you are thinking about purchasing insurance, Is this advisable? Must you purchase travel insurance immediately after you have booked your flight? If you don’t purchase from the […]

Studying Abroad Travel Insurance

Published by August 30, 2012

Study abroad programs have become a popular way for college students to take classes internationally. Many universities require students to purchase travel insurance for the semester. Most domestic health insurance policies will not cover students for international travel. With travel insurance, students can purchase coverage for emergency medical evacuation and medical expenses. Emergency medical evacuation can […]

Travel Guard Provides Special Assistance to Those Affected by Isaac

Published by Aidan Harvey August 29, 2012

On Monday Travel Guard announced it is providing free emergency medical and travel assistance to all U.S. and Canadian travelers affected by tropical storm Isaac. Some of Travel Guard’s free services include: emergency medical insurance, hotel booking, flight rebooking, emergency cash coordination and message relay. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association has projected an above-normal hurricane […]

Hurricane Awareness for Travelers

Published by August 28, 2012

Heading to the Caribbean during hurricane season could prove costly. There are a number of things travelers should consider when booking a trip between the months of June and November. If a flight is interrupted due to hurricane conditions, many airlines will reimburse travelers for flight costs. However, travelers should be aware that they will […]

Spirit Sued For Sneaky Fee

Published by August 27, 2012 recently posted an article about the sneaky fees that most airlines now add to ticket prices.  Because fees aren’t subject to federal taxes, airlines save a substantial amount of money by charging fees instead of raising fares. Baggage fees are among the most popular, but many airlines charge additional fees for ticket changes, bookings, […]

A Reminder of the Importance of Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation Coverage

Published by August 26, 2012

A Toronto woman recently suffered a serious head injury after falling overboard a catamaran while on vacation in Croatia. The 24-year old woman, Anna Leibenko, is in a coma and on life support in a Croatian hospital. Anna did not have travel insurance and her family cannot afford her medical bills or evacuation costs to […]

Things to Consider When Using Credit Cards on Vacation

Published by August 21, 2012

It is a good idea to travel with credit cards when vacationing.  Credit cards may help cover unexpected costs and provide protection from fraud. However, there are a couple of things that travelers should note before embarking with plastic. First, it’s a good idea to notify credit card companies before leaving for vacation. Because most […]

Squaremouth Spotlights HCC Atlas Travel Insurance Plans for Backpackers

Published by August 14, 2012

The travel insurance needs of backpackers may differ from the benefits sought by general travelers. A good backpacker’s insurance policy will include emergency medical, evacuation, and trip interruption coverage. Because backpackers are more apt to engage in activities that most travel insurance companies consider “hazardous sports,” like zip lining, rock climbing and mountain biking, hazardous […]