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Malaria Outbreak Notice for Greece

Published by November 30, 2012

According to the Centers for Disease Control, cases of malaria continue to be reported in the Greek cities of Evrotas, Marathon, Markopoulo, and Selino. Those traveling to these regions are urged to take preventative measures to avoid contracting the disease. Purchasing travel insurance with emergency medical benefits may also be beneficial, as it can help ...

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Tel Aviv Terrorist Act Coverage

Published by Aidan Harvey November 28, 2012

Travel insurance providers often share valuable travel information on their websites, blogs or agent newsletters about how specific events affect travel insurance coverage. The following information is from Travelex’s agent newsletter, and details what may be covered under the Terrorist Act benefits within Travelex policies. The bus bombing in Tel Aviv last week is being ...

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Can I remove Benefits from a Policy to Reduce my Premium?

Published by Aidan Harvey November 26, 2012

Often times, travelers are only looking for a few key benefits, like trip cancellation or emergency medical coverage, in their travel insurance policies. However, a travel insurance policy is usually designed to be a package of benefits that can include anything from trip cancellation and emergency medical coverage to travel and baggage delay benefits. Unfortunately, ...

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Can Travel Insurance Compensate for Coverage Gaps?

Published by November 23, 2012

Travel insurance providers often share valuable travel information on their websites, blogs or agent newsletters. The following information is from iTravelInsured’s agent newsletter, and details what may or may not be covered through a traveler’s existing insurance. Credit Cards – The average American has four credit cards. Less than 15% actually provide some type of ...

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Department of State Issues Travel Warning for Burundi

Published by Aidan Harvey November 19, 2012

Squaremouth recommends travel insurance for international travel. Policies available on may include terrorism and non-medical evacuation coverage. Below is an update on the travel warning issued for Burundi On November 8, 2012, the U.S. Department of State issued an updated travel warning for Burundi. Because Burundi participates in peacekeeping missions in Somalia, the terrorist organization, al-Shabaab, has threatened terrorist attacks ...

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Is pregnancy considered a pre-existing condition?

Published by Aidan Harvey November 16, 2012

All travel insurance policies have a list of exclusions that apply to coverage. Pregnancy is an uninsurable pre-existing condition. Travel insurance policies will not cover any medical costs associated with normal, healthy pregnancies or births. Additionally, there is no coverage for cancellation or interruption due to pregnancy. However, unforeseen complications of pregnancy may be covered ...

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How Beneficial is Squaremouth’s “Zero Complaint Guarantee”?

Published by Aidan Harvey November 15, 2012

Recently, consumer advocate Christopher Elliot reported on the hesitancy of airlines to issue refunds to customers, even when they are owed.  As with most businesses, airlines are usually slow to let go of earned revenues, and the battle for refunds can sometimes be a painful one.  According to Elliot, the Department of Transportation is lenient ...

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The quote form asks when I will leave home for my trip, but I only want to insure a portion of my trip. Can I simply select the dates I want to insure?

Published by Aidan Harvey November 14, 2012

Travel insurance policies are designed to cover travelers from the day they leave home until the day they return home. In order to purchase trip cancellation coverage, a traveler must insure their entire trip length. However, some travelers may only be seeking medical coverage for a portion of their trip. An international medical policy is ...

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How do I determine my trip cost?

Published by Aidan Harvey November 13, 2012

A common question that Squaremouth representatives are asked is “How do I determine my trip cost?”  In order to generate a quote for a travel insurance policy that includes trip cancellation coverage, travelers must enter their trip costs, comprised of any prepaid, nonrefundable expenses. Examples of insurable trip costs include non-refundable accommodations, tickets, tours, or ...

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