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Latest Position Statement from CSA Regarding Tropical Storm Ivo

Published by August 23, 2013

Tropical Storm Ivo formed today off the coast of Mexico and is expected to bring rain and thunderstorms to parts of the Southwest United States. Because this storm has been named, cancellation and interruption coverage due to weather is no longer available. Below is the latest statement from CSA Travel Protection regarding Tropical Storm Ivo. […]

Latest Position Statement from CSA Regarding Tropical Storm Erin

Published by Aidan Harvey August 20, 2013

Tropical Storm Erin formed in the Atlantic Ocean on August 15th. The storm quickly regressed ┬áback to a tropical depression and is not forecasted to affect land. However, as soon as a storm has been named, travelers are no longer able to purchase travel insurance to cover that particular storm. This applies even if the […]

How Travel Insurance Applies to the Recent Egyptian Protests

Published by August 14, 2013

In Cairo, the clash of pro-Morsi protesters and the Egyptian security forces has taken a deadly turn. The protesters have been performing sit-ins after president Mohamed Morsi was ousted from his position. This Wednesday, the Egyptian security forces began clearing out the encampments using armored vehicles and bulldozers. ┬áReports of the total number of deaths […]

Latest Position Statement from CSA Regarding Hurricane Henriette

Published by August 6, 2013

Tropical Storm Henriette became a hurricane Tuesday morning. The hurricane is not currently affecting land, but may come close to Hawaii later this weekend. Travel insurance policies purchased after the storm was named on August 3rd will not offer hurricane and weather coverage for Hurricane Henriette. CSA Travel Protection has released the following explantation of […]

Who has the cheapest travel insurance?

Published by August 5, 2013

Travel insurance is not one size fits all. Because of the ways premiums are determined, and the variety of travel insurance options, there are no definite answers as to who offers the cheapest travel insurance. How are premiums determined? Multiple factors affect the price of travel insurance, and like any type of insurance policy, higher […]