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Latest position statement from RoamRight on the terrorist threats in Sochi

Published by January 24, 2014

RoamRight is happy to be covering many travelers who are going to Sochi, Russia, to participate in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. We understand that the US Department of State has issued a Travel Alert for this event and we urge all travelers to be cautious. ┬áIn a country where medical care may be different […]

What You Should Know About Cruise Line Insurance in 2014

Published by January 23, 2014

Cruises offer the attraction of multiple destinations for low prices and convenience in an economy where travelers need to consider their expenses more and more. For a traveler who wants to see more of the world, but cannot be a spendthrift, a cruise may be the most logical option. According to RoamRight, cruises traveling to […]

2014 Flight Predictions, International Travel Checklist, and Digital Travel Trends

Published by Megan Singh January 17, 2014

Predictions for Air Travel in 2014 Several years ago, the ability to check-in to a flight online became the latest trend in convenient travel. Since that time, in-air WIFI and improvements to seating comfort have become the the latest luxuries of travel. But what will 2014 hold? Talk of tighter seats and cell phone calls […]

5 Lessons Learned from Denied Travel Insurance Claims

Published by January 14, 2014

While filing a travel insurance claim can often be successful, the process may seem daunting. Squaremouth has spoken with five travel insurance providers, iTravelInsured, RoamRight, Travel Insured International , Travelex, and TravelSafe, to identify the top five reasons claims are denied. Travelers who take these precautions can better prepare themselves against denied travel insurance claims. […]

What’s Really Covered When an Airline Delays a Flight

Published by Aidan Harvey January 3, 2014

A common reason travelers seek travel insurance is for help if their flight is delayed. Travelers can receive travel delay coverage as part of three separate benefits available within a policy. These benefits are trip interruption, travel delay, and missed connection. Depending on the circumstance, a traveler may use some or all of these benefits. […]