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A Dream of Digital Storytelling from East Africa

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A Dream of Digital Storytelling from East Africa

In the informal settlements or slums of Nairobi Kenya, there are vibrant communities where hundreds of thousands of people live. In these communities, young people regularly go to video shops to watch films. In these videos, youth never see images of people like themselves or aspects of their own cultures. All of the videos and DVDs are from abroad. Many un and under-employed youth, both rural and urban, have a daily diet of violent films, most of them from the USA.

The dynamic cultural life of informal settlements is seldom shared beyond their borders. The stories of people living in slums don’t travel far. Our dream is through digital filmmaking to send stories from informal settlements to people throughout East Africa and around the world.

You might be able to help us make this dream come true! Check out our web site at Then contact us at for more information. Watch our website to see how the dream progresses!

Pamela Collett and Jim Lindsay. Please reply to This is our permanent email address. Mail is forwarded to wherever we are.

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