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Adventure of a Lifetime Sidelined by Accident a MEDEX Case Study

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Most travel insurance plans have medical evacuation & repatriation coverage.  If a traveler is injured or sick, this benefit can cover the costs of transporting them between medical facilities and even back home.  This could include a ground ambulance, air lift or a commercial flight.  The following is from MEDEX and is a case study from a traveler who needed to use the coverage.

A dream vacation in Kenya turned into a nightmare for Keith Simons when he was involved in a serious car accident. With multiple fractures to his right leg, Keith was rushed to the nearest medical facility.

Fortunately, Keith had access to MEDEX’s assistance services. When MEDEX was contacted, a Physician Advisor immediately contacted the treating physician to evaluate the situation. It was decided that Keith would need surgery, and was evacuated to Paris for the operation.

Throughout the transfer, MEDEX maintained contact with Keith’s family and traveling companions, notifying them of situational developments and necessary treatment information. MEDEX also arranged for Keith’s flight from Paris back to the United States, during which he had an escort for assistance. His family was grateful for the help received from MEDEX and acknowledged that they don’t know what they would have done without their assistance.

It is important to contact the 24 hour assistance service number as soon as reasonably possible during a medical situation.  The emergency assistance provider will work with the traveler and attending physicians to ensure proper treatment is received and necessary transportation provided.  Always refer to the certificate of insurnace for details.

Source:  Adventure of a lifetime sidelined by accident