Adventure Vacations: What Will Travel Insurance Cover?

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For the adventurous of heart, there are a myriad of operators that promise to lead travelers on tours and expeditions of every kind. From mountain biking through the Costa Rican rain forests to trekking up Mount Everest, adventure-seekers have no shortage of vacation options.

When taking an adventure trip overseas, remember that most medical insurance is not valid in foreign countries. In these circumstances, many choose to purchase travel insurance with medical coverage to protect them in the event that they need care. Depending on an individual’s citizenship, proof of valid medical insurance may even be a requirement to enter some countries.

While purchasing travel insurance with medical coverage for foreign travel is wise, it’s important to be aware that some policies may not cover an individual if they are injured while participating in certain activities.  Insurance companies often categorize such activities as “hazardous sports,” which includes hang gliding, bungee jumping, parachuting, caving, etc. Travel Guard offers a Great Outdoor policy, which covers such activities, with the exception of mountaineering.  HCC also offers a couple of plans that include hazardous sports coverage. provides travelers with the tools to search and compare policies based on specific benefits, including hazardous sports coverage. If you need more information regarding available policies, a customer service representative would be happy to assist you.