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Airlines Waiving Change Fees for Delayed Travelers

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Due to the recent line of winter storms stretching across the midwest and northeast, many airlines are waiving the change fees associated with flight cancellations and delays at several airports across Indiana, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Vermont. Those looking to continue on with a trip may be able to turn to their airline to change flights without paying associated fees or fare differences.

This time of year is specifically prone to these kinds of travel interruptions. Luckily, many airlines are more lenient during mass travel disruptions in an effort to ease the tension and stress during these winter storms.

Additionally, those who have travel insurance policies in place may find relief for some costly expenses related to delays and cancellations. Travel delay, trip interruption and trip cancellation are some of the most valuable benefits that may provide relief to travelers burdened by extra costs or complete cancellation of travel arrangements.

Travelers should check policy details for specific weather-related benefits to see if coverage applies.