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Allianz Global Assistance Releases Update on European Floods

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Allianz Global Assistance has released an updated statement regarding the flooding that may affect travelers throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The rains have caused the Danube river to flood Passau, Germany and prompted workers to set up barriers to keep the Vltava river from flooding Prague.

Allianz is sending out mobile claims teams to assist travelers with the claims assessment process. They have also set up a crisis staff in Austria with 200 people to assist travelers with claims assessments so they receive payments as quickly as possible.

The company published a list of tips for those who may be affected by the floods, which includes the following:

– Board up at-risk rooms and use sandbags to block water
– Remove dangerous materials like chemicals
– Move valuable objects to higher ground
– Continually monitor the weather situation through media outlets
– Stay clear of river banks and flooded roads
– Document all damages and keep record of the high water mark
– Begin cleanup activities to avoid additional damages
– Check all electrical devices before powering anything back on
– Inform insurance companies about damaged items.