Another Travel Triumph from Travelex

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Travel insurance providers often share customer testimonials on their website or in their agent newsletter.  Travelex recently included a customer’s trip cancellation experience in their newsletter.  The following is an excerpt from the story.

I have aging parents and I travel a lot. My initial reason was to purchase insurance to cover out of pocket, non-refundable costs that would be a total loss should a situation arise that I have to cancel my trip and stay home to care for my parents or other immediate family member.

Last April, I was three days from my trip to Cancun, Mexico for my niece’s wedding and I end up in the hospital with appendicitis! I contacted Delta Vacations and let them know that I wouldn’t be traveling and then contacted Travelex Insurance to start the claims process. Within a few weeks I had the refund of my trip!

Recommend travel insurance! It protects against unforeseen events prior to leaving. It also protects them while they are traveling (flight delays, lost baggage, medical issues, etc.) They’ve invested a lot in their trip, go one step further and protect that investment!

Most travel insurance plans cover trip cancellation and trip interruption for a sickness or injury to the travelers or family members who are not traveling.  This reimburses for trip costs that go unused and are not refunded by travel suppliers.  Trip cancellation means the entire trip is scrapped before the departure date and 100% of the trip cost can be reimbursed.  Trip interruption is a delayed arrival, missed time in the middle or an early return home.  Interruption is usually a pro-rated reimbursement of trip cost, but can also cover additional transportation expenses to return home early.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.