Travel Insurance FAQ

Are Any Pre-existing Conditions Excluded from Coverage?

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For many travelers, the task of finding travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions is  of highest concern. The conventions of traditional health care coverage often have people thinking that finding the right coverage in travel insurance will be just as daunting.

What travelers may not realize is there are many policies available that cover pre-existing conditions of all kinds. Typically, travel insurance applications don’t even ask for information about past or current illnesses. Travel insurance providers are usually less concerned with what a traveler is suffering from and more concerned that they meet the requirements for coverage under this benefit.

However, travelers should know there are a couple of conditions that are typically not covered under any travel insurance policies, including pregnancy and any mental or emotional disorders.

If a travelers is looking for pre-existing condition coverage, they should be sure to purchase their insurance as close to their initial deposit date as possible. Most plans will also require that all prepaid, nonrefundable expenses are insured. Travelers should read the list of exclusions to make sure their specific condition is not named. Understanding the terms of coverage is the best way to select a policy that completely covers pre-existing conditions.