Travel Insurance FAQ

Are there cancellation reasons that travel insurance will not cover?

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All  travel insurance policies have a list of exclusions and conditions which apply.  The exceptions are generally listed in a “General Exclusions” section within the policy wording and can vary by state of residence.  Some causes for trip cancellation that are not covered include:

  • Financial difficulties on the part of a traveler
  • Normal pregnancy or resulting childbirth
  • High risk activities such as mountain climbing, bungee jumping, skydiving, parachuting, etc.
  • Pre-existing conditions or any event that occurs prior to the effective date of the insurance.
  • Mental, nervous or emotional disorders
  • Acts of war, civil disorder or riot
  • Business to contractual obligation for  traveler

Some policies will waive the pre-existing exclusion if certain conditions are met.  Some policies have optional upgrades for cancel for work reasons and  a few companies offer specialized products for the adventure traveler. Always review your policy for the full details of any exclusion and conditions.