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frontierMEDEX is Back!

Published by May 27, 2013

After a brief absence, Squaremouth is pleased to welcome travel insurance provider, frontierMEDEX, back to the site. frontierMEDEX provides an array of options for travelers seeking international medical coverage. Two plans from the provider are now available: TravMed Choice U.S. Resident and TravMed Choice Inbound to U.S. The TravMed Choice plans are frontierMEDEX’s most comprehensive […]

Department of State Issues Travel Warning for Burundi

Published by November 19, 2012

Squaremouth recommends travel insurance for international travel. Policies available on may include terrorism and non-medical evacuation coverage. Below is an update on the travel warning issued for Burundi On November 8, 2012, the U.S. Department of State issued an updated travel warning for Burundi. Because Burundi participates in peacekeeping missions in Somalia, the terrorist organization, al-Shabaab, has threatened terrorist attacks […]

How Beneficial is Squaremouth’s “Zero Complaint Guarantee”?

Published by November 15, 2012

Recently, consumer advocate Christopher Elliot reported on the hesitancy of airlines to issue refunds to customers, even when they are owed.  As with most businesses, airlines are usually slow to let go of earned revenues, and the battle for refunds can sometimes be a painful one.  According to Elliot, the Department of Transportation is lenient […]

How do I determine my trip cost?

Published by November 13, 2012

A common question that Squaremouth representatives are asked is “How do I determine my trip cost?”  In order to generate a quote for a travel insurance policy that includes trip cancellation coverage, travelers must enter their trip costs, comprised of any prepaid, nonrefundable expenses. Examples of insurable trip costs include non-refundable accommodations, tickets, tours, or […]

What does the “Cancel for work reasons” benefit cover?

Published by November 8, 2012

Due to the sometimes uncertain conditions of vacation time with an employer, many travelers are interested in the “cancel for work reasons” benefit that is often included in travel insurance policies. If previously granted vacation time is revoked and a traveler is forced to cancel  a vacation, this benefit can be very valuable. In order […]

Lonely Planet Travel Forum Question

Published by November 6, 2012

From the Lonely Planet travel forum (you can view the full conversation here): I’m currently teaching English in South Korea but am planning on leaving in March. My boyfriend and I are going to travel for a couple of months while job-hunting. My problem is that we would like to get some backpackers insurance out but every […]

What if a Volcano Ruins Your Vacation?

Published by November 5, 2012

Volcanic eruptions are an impressive display of geological power, but they can also wreak havoc on travel plans. Travel insurance policies may help travelers recover losses incurred from such “Acts of God,” or natural disasters. Many policies include coverage for volcanic eruptions as a part of their cancellation and interruption benefits. Depending on the policy, […]

Travelex Answers Coverage Questions For Hurricane Sandy

Published by November 2, 2012

The following questions and answers regarding travel insurance coverage for Hurricane Sandy have been provided by Travelex: In effort to insure that we all are on the same page as to how coverage applies to Travel Basic, Travel Select, & Travel Max plans for Hurricane Sandy we’ve taken the liberty to draft some proposed question […]

Air Travel During Cold and Flu Season

Published by

As most of the country is enjoying cooler weather and making holiday travel plans, cold and flu season is just around the corner. For those planning air travel, cold and flu season may be an increased concern. The thought of flying on a packed plane, crammed between two coughing and sneezing passengers is enough to […]

Medical Evacuation Benefits Can Be Life Saving

Published by November 1, 2012

For travelers in emergency medical situations, the value of emergency medical evacuation benefits can be substantial. Recently, Eddie Mikell and his wife planned a European trip with another couple. After renting a home in the French countryside, the couples were prepared for a relaxing, idyllic vacation. However, after a truck clipped their rental car, three […]