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Latest Position Statement from CSA Regarding Tropical Storm Ivo

Published by August 23, 2013

Tropical Storm Ivo formed today off the coast of Mexico and is expected to bring rain and thunderstorms to parts of the Southwest United States. Because this storm has been named, cancellation and interruption coverage due to weather is no longer available. Below is the latest statement from CSA Travel Protection regarding Tropical Storm Ivo. […]

What if my trip cost increases after I buy my travel insurance policy?

Published by April 1, 2013

Because many travelers purchase their travel insurance months before they actually depart on a trip, they often find the need to increase the policy’s trip cost as they make additional payments and purchases for their trip. Trip cost is usually defined as the prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses a traveler purchases prior to departure. Trip cost […]

Is Primary Emergency Medical Coverage Better Than Secondary? Travel Insurance FAQ

Published by March 29, 2013

Primary and secondary Emergency Medical benefits within travel insurance policies are often a point of confusion and concern for many travelers. Once travelers understand the way Emergency Medical benefits work, they often realize that paying extra to get primary Emergency Medical coverage may not be a necessary expense. The Emergency Medical benefits in travel insurance […]

Allianz Global Assistance Launches ‘TravelSmart’ Mobile App

Published by March 28, 2013

Allianz Global Assistance, a leading travel insurance provider, recently launched a new feature that helps travelers access valuable information from their mobile devices while traveling abroad. The new mobile app, called TravelSmart, allows travelers to access emergency telephone numbers, hospital lists, a drug dictionary and other first aid translations directly from their phones. Each hospital […]

Medical Mission Trip Travel Insurance

Published by March 26, 2013

Many travelers participate in medical mission trips in response to disaster relief for countries around the world. While many volunteers provide emergency medical, surgical and dental treatment for those in need, they may also need travel insurance protection of their own. Because the risk for injury and illness is increased for travelers visiting disaster areas […]

U.S. Department of State Issues Travel Warning for Libya – Travel Insurance Update

Published by March 25, 2013

The U.S. Department of State issued an updated travel warning for Libya recently due to ongoing instability and violence in the region. Travel insurance coverage may be important for U.S. citizens traveling to Libya despite the warning. Non-medical evacuation is one benefit covered in many policies that can help travelers if political or civil unrest […]

Price vs. Benefits: When buying travel insurance, which is more important?

Published by March 21, 2013

When comparing policies on, most travelers find that while multiple policies are available, the prices for those plans can vary greatly. There are a few key points to consider that may help making a travel insurance purchase a little easier. 1 – Many plans are more similar than they are different This is not […]

Can I insure less than the actual cost of my trip on a travel insurance policy?

Published by March 19, 2013

There are a few things to consider when determining which portion of travel expenses to insure on a travel insurance policy. First of all, when travel insurance providers refer to the cost of a trip, they are usually referring to the prepaid, non-refundable travel arrangements that were purchased prior to departure. A good way to think of trip […]