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Explanation of Benefits from Travelex on the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

Published by May 20, 2014

Travel insurance coverage can assist travelers whose plans are impacted by the volcanic ash over Europe. The following is an explanation of benefits from Travelex. Ash clouds from the Wednesday volcanic eruption in Iceland have caused flight delays in major European airports and beyond. Travelex insurance policies consider this a covered reason due to weather. […]

Medical coverage | Travel Insurance

Published by October 25, 2013

Many travelers are only interested in travel insurance to cover medical emergencies.  Coverage benefits like baggage delay, travel delay and trip cancellation are not important to them.  While there are many policies that include emergency medical coverage, most coverage benefits cannot be removed on an individual basis. Trip cancellation is the one coverage benefit that […]

Lessons From Tropical Storm Debby

Published by June 28, 2012

Not all storms are alike, one reason why it is good to understand what is covered by a travel insurance policy.  While many tropical storms and hurricanes are associated with high winds delaying flights and causing damage, Debby brought a lot of rain, some tornadoes and more rain.  Now that the storm has slowed, many […]

Lost Travel Documents and Travel Insurance

Published by August 20, 2011

Many people think about travel insurance for an expensive medical evacuation or having to cancel a trip, but most policies offer other types of assistance during a trip.  One common scenario is lost passports or travel documents.  Every policy has a 24 hour emergency assistance service number that is a free call from anywhere in […]

How to Use Your Travel Insurance

Published by August 15, 2011

A common question when comparing travel insurance is what to do if the coverage is needed during the trip.  First, it is important to remember that every policy has a toll free, 24 hour emergency assistance number, which is a collect call from out of the country.   These services help arrange medical transportation and treatment […]

Flight Diverted Because of Weather

Published by August 10, 2011

Travel insurance can help travelers in a variety of circumstances, but one of the more common concerns is an airline delay.  Many travelers have had an experience where a flight was not on time because of mechanical problems, labor strikes or bad weather.  Most of the time, a delay would occur while the travelers are […]

Cancelled Cruise – A Travelex Travel Triumph

Published by August 8, 2011

Sharing customer experiences is a common way that providers promote their travel insurance.  Hearing how the insurance coverage helped other travelers helps people understand the value and how a policy could benefit them on an upcoming trip.  The following is a customer testimonial from Travelex about travelers that had to cancel their cruise. I had […]

Statement from CSA on Tropical Storm Cindy

Published by July 21, 2011

Travel insurance carriers release position statements when current events affect coverage.  Once an event is considered foreseeable, new policies purchased will not cover that event.  The most common example of an event becoming foreseeable is when a hurricane or tropical storm is named.  After the storm is named, it is too late to purchase a […]

Planes Collide At Boston Airport

Published by July 15, 2011

Travel insurance can help travelers in many different situations, even one of the worst case scenarios of a plane collision.  That was the case yesterday as tragedy was avoided when a Delta jet clipped a regional airline plane.  CBS News provided more detail on the incident. The wing of a Delta jet clipped the tail […]

Wildfires and Travel Insurance

Published by July 1, 2011

Travel insurance helps protect a vacation against many unexpected situations that can ruin a trip.  The wildfires in the southwestern United States has many travelers asking how travel insurance can help.  Depending on which policy and when the policy was purchased, there can be several coverage benefits that apply. First it is important to note […]