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Blizzard Warning May Affect Travel this Holiday Weekend

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Travelers gearing up for the busiest holiday weekend of the year may see delays and cancellations due to the recently issued blizzard warning affecting multiple states throughout the Midwest. Travelers hoping to purchase travel insurance ahead of the storm have missed the window for coverage.

The storm was first announced by the National Weather Service earlier this week. Unfortunately, travel insurance is often an afterthought, and the concern for coverage only arises after something catastrophic happens. Any policies purchased after the storm’s announcement would not offer coverage.

However, those who have travel insurance policies in place may be in luck. Taking advantage of the trip cancellation, missed connection, or travel delay benefits this weekend may be the only way to avoid holiday travel frustration.

The weather benefits within travel insurance can differ greatly, and travelers are advised to review the terms of their policies to understand how coverage applies. Travelers who know their policy in detail and plan ahead have the best chance of ensuring holiday plans go as smoothly as possible.