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Bloomberg Businessweek Discusses the American Airlines Strike

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A recent article in Bloomberg Businessweek provided an update on the American Airlines strike.

American Airlines, the second-biggest U.S. carrier, reached a tentative contract agreement with the union that represents 10,600 baggage handlers and other airport ground workers.

The organization is the third major employee group in the Transport Workers Union to reach an accord with the carrier this month. The accord, confirmed by American in an e-mail today, must be voted on by union members before it takes effect. The two sides started talks in November 2007.

Travel insurance plans can provide relief to travelers whose trips are delayed, interrupted or cancelled because of a labor strike of a common carrier, such as an airline.  The delay must be for a set amount of time, normally 24 or 48 hours, depending on the plan.  As with natural disasters, when a strike becomes a foreseeable event, policies purchased after that time will not cover situations related to that event.  This means that when a strike is announced, there is no coverage in a policy purchased after that date.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.