Budget Cuts and Travel Delays – How Travel Insurance Can Help

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Travel insurance can be beneficial for travelers faced with flight delays, which are predicted to increase significantly after March 1st because of federal spending cuts.

In addition to the delays, long lines at security and a decreased number of air traffic controllers could affect the way airports operate. With the spending cuts may come the inability to maintain the staffing levels necessary to keep long security lines at bay and flights on schedule.

In the face of increased travel disruptions, travelers can stay prepared with these two travel insurance benefits:

Travel Delay
If departure is delayed by a common carrier, this benefit can provide reimbursement for extra meals, phone calls, or local transportation that travelers need during the delay. Travel delay benefits will only kick in after a specific amount of time, so travelers should check their specific policies for details.

Missed Connection
Flight delays can also cause travelers to miss connecting flights and be delayed from reaching a destination. Many missed connection benefits can help travelers catch up to their trip by providing reimbursement for additional transportation expenses. However, travelers should be aware that not all missed connection benefits cover the same thing. Some missed connection benefits only apply if travelers miss a cruise or tour departure because of the delay.