Can I Buy Insurance If I’m a Traveling Athlete?

Can I Buy Insurance If I’m a Traveling Athlete?

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Those traveling for the purpose of sports may seek an insurance policy in the event of an accident during these activities, however athletes looking for travel insurance coverage for sporting activities or competitions will find that coverage will be very limited. While traveling athletes may be able to protect themselves while participating in sporting and outdoor activities, coverage is dependent on the activity.

The first step to finding coverage for participating in sporting activities is to review a policy’s exclusions. Popular vacation activities, such as hiking, snorkeling, or skiing, can be covered on many basic policies. To search for travel insurance for athletes, select the sports you plan to participate in using Squaremouth’s Activity Selection Matrix. This will specifically show policies with Sports & Activities coverage for the activities you select.

Travelers who will be taking part in activities that are considered more dangerous, like BMX, mountain climbing and skydiving, can also be covered by a policy with the Sports & Activities benefit, however there may be fewer policies to choose from. It is important for travelers to carefully review their policy certificate to understand which activities will be excluded.

Participation in sporting competitions, whether amateur, collegiate, or professional, can also be covered, but is limited. Travelers looking for coverage for these specific activities, should look for specialized insurance plans designed for participation in competitive sporting events.

Other commonly excluded sporting activities include any form of racing, professional sports, and extreme sports, like base jumping, heli-skiing. Travelers will often find it more difficult to find travel insurance coverage for these activities, however there may be coverage available.

Travel Insurance for Athletes: What Am I Covered For?

Travel insurance for athletes can cover travelers in the event of a medical emergency, as well as a cancellation.

Policies with the Sports & Activities benefit are designed to cover travelers who are participating in sports or adventurous activities. By purchasing a policy with coverage for the specific activities you plan to participate in, you can be covered in the event of a medical emergency that occurs during that sport or activity. This can include reimbursement for the cost of treating an injury under the Emergency Medical benefit, as well as the cost of an evacuation, if necessary, under the Medical Evacuation benefit.

If you are forced to miss a reserved sport or activity that you paid for in advance, the Sports Equipment & Fees benefit can refund that amount, such as the cost of green fees or lift tickets. Additionally, this benefit can cover the cost of your own equipment if it is lost or damaged during your trip.