Can I Buy Travel Insurance for Multiple Trips?

Can I Buy Travel Insurance for Multiple Trips?

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Frequent travelers who plan on taking multiple short trips throughout a year may find that the most cost convenient option is to purchase an annual travel insurance policy. These policies are often also more cost effective compared to purchasing multiple single trip insurance policies.

Most annual travel insurance policies will cover an unlimited number of trips throughout a year, with a limit on the number of days per trip that will be covered. This limit ranges from 30-90 days, so annual policies are not ideal for travelers who plan on staying at one location for an extended period of time over 90 days.

Typically, annual policies will not offer the same coverage that single trip policies offer. It is important for travelers to understand the different options that are available with an annual policy.

Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation Plans

Most annual policies are designed to provide medical coverage for travelers for the duration of their trips. This typically includes the Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation benefits. Additional benefits are sometimes offered as well, such as trip interruption and life insurance coverage. Frequent or spontaneous travelers may find these policies suit their needs best.

Comprehensive Coverage

Some annual policies may offer comprehensive coverage similar to the coverage offered on a single trip policy. However, the coverage amounts will be much smaller than those offered with a single trip policy. Annual policies typically provide little, if any, cancellation coverage. Adding additional trip cancellation coverage can also significantly increase the policy premium. Travelers who are interested in trip cancellation coverage for multiple expensive trips should consider single trip plans instead of annual policies.

Annual policies are available for travelers taking multiple trips throughout a year, however they may not always be the best option depending on the needs of the traveler. In some cases, single trip plans may be a better fit.