Travel Insurance FAQ

Can I cancel my trip for any reason and get all my money back?

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We now have travel insurance policies which allow you to “cancel for any reason” and get a reduced amount refunded (75% – 90% depending on product) in the event you cancel for a non covered reason. To be eligible for these products, certain conditions must be met which include: purchasing insurance within 14 days of your initial trip deposit, insuring the full prepaid trip costs and you must cancel 2 days or more prior to your departure date.

Typically, trip cancellation coverage refunds prepaid, nonrefundable payments if you have to cancel your trip for one of the reasons covered by your policy. Covered reasons generally include the following: sudden medical emergencies, unforeseen financial default of an airline, cruise line or tour operator, severe weather, terrorist incidents, and jury duty. Changing your mind about taking a trip or having certain business obligations are  generally not covered reasons. Refer to the policy certificate for full details.