Travel Insurance FAQ

Can I remove Benefits from a Policy to Reduce my Premium?

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Often times, travelers are only looking for a few key benefits, like trip cancellation or emergency medical coverage, in their travel insurance policies. However, a travel insurance policy is usually designed to be a package of benefits that can include anything from trip cancellation and emergency medical coverage to travel and baggage delay benefits.

Unfortunately, the benefits within a policy can’t be removed in order to make a premium less expensive. However, there may be some benefits, like medical deductibles and emergency medical benefits that can be adjusted, resulting in a less expensive premium. For example, increasing a medical deductible from $0 to $50 may result in a policy premium being $50 less.

The easiest way for travelers to find a policy that includes the benefits that are important to them at the least expensive price on Squaremouth’s website is to use the drop-down menu to sort eligible policies from price low to high. This will ensure that travelers won’t have to break the bank in order to find a travel insurance policy that meets their needs.