Travel Insurance FAQ

Can Rented Sports Equipment be Covered by Travel Insurance?

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Most travel insurance plans offer a package of coverage benefits that can cover a variety of expenses and circumstances during a trip.  A common question for adventure travelers is whether rented ski equipment, scuba gear or bikes can be covered.  The answer can be yes and no depending on what type of coverage someone is looking for.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption covers the costs of the trip that are lost if the the trip is scrapped or has to end early.  The rule here is that only pre-paid and non-refundable expenses can be covered.  This doesn’t just mean flights, cruises and hotels.  If travelers paid for sports equipment rental ahead of time, and that money would be lost if they don’t go on the trip, yes, those costs can be covered.  If the rental won’t be paid for until after arriving at the destination, no, those costs should not be insured.

Baggage & personal items loss coverage protects the traveler’s belongings if they are lost, damaged or stolen during the trip.  This is normally written to specifically protect the traveler’s personal property, not equipment that is rented during the trip.  The key here is to compare different policies’ benefit language for this coverage and definitions of baggage.  When a policy says that baggage means personal items taken with the traveler on the trip, that means rented equipment would not be covered if it was damaged, lost or stolen.

Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.