Consistent Popularity

Canada remains the third most popular destination for U.S. travelers, behind only Mexico and Italy

Year-Over-Year Growth

In the past year, 26% more U.S. residents bought travel insurance than the previous year

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Canada Travel Insurance Fast Facts:

U.S. residents have shown a trend of staying closer to home on their trips. Travel insurance for Canada makes up the fourth highest total number of sales for any country, according to Squaremouth sales data. The United States, Mexico, and Italy are the three most popular destinations.

Medical travel insurance is the most important benefit for U.S. travelers visiting Canada. Specifically, many travelers are searching specifically for the Emergency Medical, Medical Evacuation, and Pre-Existing Condition benefits.

Along with being one of the most popular destinations for U.S. residents, Canada is also one of the most affordable. Its average trip cost of $2,860 is the fifth lowest of the 25 most popular destinations for U.S. residents. Trips to Canada only cost more than trips to Mexico, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, and the United Kingdom.

Squaremouth’s Canada Travel Insurance Recommendations:

Because the three medical benefits are the top concerns for U.S. residents buying travel insurance for Canada, Squaremouth recommends a high medical policy with at least $50,000 in Emergency Medical coverage and $100,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage. In order for a policy to also include coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions, it must be purchased within 14-21 days of the traveler’s initial trip deposit date.

In addition to these medical benefits, many travelers may also want Hazardous Sports coverage for their trip Canada. Some providers consider many popular activities to be hazardous, such as climbing, hiking, and fishing, and will not provide coverage in the event of an injury during these activities. With Hazardous Sports coverage, however, certain activities that are otherwise excluded can be covered.

Depending on each person’s trip and specific needs, some travelers may choose to buy a policy with Trip Cancellation coverage. This benefit can protect all of their prepaid and non-refundable trip expenses.