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"Cancel For Any Reason" rules vary between insurance providers

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This article was reproduced from a TravelSafe newsletter.

2 Days Versus 48 Hours

“Cancel For Any Reason” rules vary between insurance providers.

TravelSafe’s “Cancel For Any Reason” option allows travelers to cancel their trip for any reason at all by notifying TravelSafe two or more days before their scheduled trip departure date.  However, other providers have more restrictive rules.

A large insurance company which has recently started offering a “Cancel For Any Reason” option states that their policyholders may only cancel their trips up to 48 hours prior to departure in order to use their “Cancel For Any Reason” benefit.

Think about this.  If your flight leaves at 8:00 am Saturday morning this means the latest you can cancel is 8:00 am Thursday morning.  TravelSafe on the other hand, would allow the cancellation up to the very end of the day Thursday, as long as it’s 2 days (Thursday to Saturday) before departure.

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