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Cancelled Cruise – A Travelex Travel Triumph

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Sharing customer experiences is a common way that providers promote their travel insurance.  Hearing how the insurance coverage helped other travelers helps people understand the value and how a policy could benefit them on an upcoming trip.  The following is a customer testimonial from Travelex about travelers that had to cancel their cruise.

I had elderly clients book a cruise and purchase cruise line insurance, because it was the most affordable option. By the time they had to cancel they were in full penalty. These clients were not pleased with the claims process since they purchased secondary insurance. They felt there were more hoops to go through and the process took too long. They’ll be purchasing primary coverage through Travelex next time!

 Yay Travelex!

 – Dennis Nienkerk, Strong Travel of Dallas, TX

Secondary and primary coverage determines the order that insurance companies will pay a claim.  This is most common with emergency medical & dental coverage:  secondary travel insurance requires you to file a claim with your normal health insurance before the travel insurance coverage beings, whereas primary travel insurance allows you to skip that step and file a claim first with the travel insurance.   This does not affect whether a traveler receives medical treatment at the destination, however, it does have an impact on the how the claim is processed after the trip.   In this example of the cruise being cancelled, the traveler’s felt their claim would have gone more smoothly with primary coverage for trip cancellation, because they would not have been required to seek compensation from other sources, like another insurance policy, the cruise company, the airline or any other means of reimbursement.