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Travel Tip Roundup: Easy Ways to Exercise on Vacation

Published by Emily Phinney August 27, 2014

Taking a vacation means setting your day-to-day schedule aside, which often means letting exercise fall behind. While indulging may be an important part of travel, consider incorporating some fun activities that get your blood pumping so your normal exercise regimen is easier to get back to when it’s time to return home. HTH Worldwide suggests […]

Travel Tip Roundup: 5 Items You Should Keep in Your Carry-On

Published by Emily Phinney August 19, 2014

Anyone who has experienced lost, delayed, damaged, or stolen luggage knows that packing for a trip can often mean risking valuable and important items. While many travel insurance policies provide coverage for baggage loss and delay, they often have limited coverage amounts. When it’s necessary to travel with important items, Squaremouth suggests listing these items […]

Squaremouth Answers: “Which policy/company provides the best/max primary travel medical/injury insurance?”

Published by August 18, 2014

Question from “Which policy/company provides the best/max primary travel medical/injury insurance?” Answer by Squaremouth: We considered factors such as destination, age, and residency, to find the best primary medical travel insurance policy for different types of travelers. We always recommend the least expensive policy that meets a traveler’s needs. In this case, we have […]

Travel Tip Roundup: How to Travel in Groups

Published by June 6, 2014

Many travelers will embark on their summer travel plans in the next few months. Some may be traveling solo, and others may be looking forward to extended group travel. Squaremouth has gathered tips from MH Ross  and RoamRight on how best to travel in groups. Communicate and Be Flexible Traveling in groups is a great way to ensure […]

Explanation of Benefits from Travelex on the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

Published by May 20, 2014

Travel insurance coverage can assist travelers whose plans are impacted by the volcanic ash over Europe. The following is an explanation of benefits from Travelex. Ash clouds from the Wednesday volcanic eruption in Iceland have caused flight delays in major European airports and beyond. Travelex insurance policies consider this a covered reason due to weather. […]

Travel Tip Round Up: The Questions You Should Be Asking Your Travel Insurance Provider

Published by May 16, 2014

Planning for a trip can be a stressful process, travelers often look to their travel providers for answers to lingering questions before departure. How do travelers know if they are covering the right ground, and asking all the necessary questions when it comes to their travel insurance provider? Squaremouth has collected advice from, HCC Medical […]

Travel Tip Roundup: How to Avoid Jet Lag

Published by May 2, 2014

Desynchronosis, better known as jet lag, is one of the downsides many world travelers may experience when taking a trip. Symptoms of jet lag may include feeling sluggish, tired, dizzy, or disoriented as a result of the body’s circadian rhythms being altered due to the long distances experienced in airline travel. Squaremouth has gathered tips […]

Medical and Medical Evacuation Only Travel Insurance

Published by April 14, 2014

Being reimbursed for medical expenses while traveling is one reason many travelers purchase travel insurance. Many travelers ask if they can purchase a policy that only offers emergency medical and medical evacuation coverage. This type of protection is available through vacation and international medical plans, however, these two types of travel insurance can dramatically vary […]

Tips for Day Trips | Travel Insurance Round up

Published by April 11, 2014

While many travelers take trips lasting days or weeks long, many travelers may just need a day to get away and relax. If that is the case, it can be beneficial to explore the sights and sounds of one’s own city or a nearby town, before planning a weekend away. Travel Insurance Services and Travelex offer […]

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage in Travel Insurance

Published by April 11, 2014

A pre-existing medical condition is one reason many travelers purchase travel insurance. Pre-existing coverage allows travelers to cancel a trip if a pre-existing medical condition prevents them from traveling, as well as receive medical treatment for a pre-existing condition while traveling. Pre-existing coverage can also benefit travelers who have non-traveling family members with a pre-existing […]