Travel Insurance FAQ

Can I Buy Insurance If I’m a Traveling Athlete?

Published by November 22, 2013

Those traveling for the purpose of sports may seek an insurance policy in the event of an accident during these activities, however athletes looking for travel insurance coverage for sporting activities or competitions will find that coverage will be very limited. While traveling athletes may be able to protect themselves while participating in sporting and […]

Can I buy travel insurance for multiple trips?

Published by Aidan Harvey November 15, 2013

Frequent travelers who plan on taking multiple short trips throughout a year may find that the most cost effective and convenient option is to purchase an annual travel insurance policy. Most annual policies will cover an unlimited number of trips throughout a year, with a limit on the number of days per trip that will […]

I’ve booked my flights using miles, how does this affect my travel insurance?

Published by Aidan Harvey September 20, 2013

When purchasing trip cancellation insurance, determining which trip costs to include can often cause confusion for travelers. If travelers are using frequent flyer miles or rewards points to fund a portion of their trip, it can even further complicate the process. What is not covered? Unfortunately, frequent flyer miles or reward points are not insurable. This […]

Who has the cheapest travel insurance?

Published by August 5, 2013

Travel insurance is not one size fits all. Because of the ways premiums are determined, and the variety of travel insurance options, there are no definite answers as to who offers the cheapest travel insurance. How are premiums determined? Multiple factors affect the price of travel insurance, and like any type of insurance policy, higher […]

What Can a Medical Evacuation Membership Do?

Published by July 22, 2013

What are medical evacuation memberships? Medical evacuation memberships from companies like MedjetAssist and Air Ambulance Card will fly sick or injured travelers to the hospital of their choice when they are hospitalized at least 150 miles from their home. Coverage can be provided both domestically and internationally. Memberships typically do not limit the amount of […]

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation: How much coverage do I need?

Published by Aidan Harvey June 21, 2013

Travelers are often concerned about the amount of medical evacuation coverage they should look for in a travel insurance policy. Some policies will offer up to $2 million or even an unlimited amount of coverage. However, these policies can be expensive and may not be necessary for most travelers. Here is some information that can […]

Can I cancel a trip due to a family member’s pre-existing medical condition?

Published by May 23, 2013

Many travelers purchase travel insurance in case a family member’s ongoing health issues cause them to change their travel plans. Travel insurance companies refer to these ongoing health issues as Pre-Existing Medical Conditions. What travelers may not realize is some policies may not cover trip cancellation if it is related to a family member’s pre-existing medical […]

What’s the difference between Medical Evacuation and Emergency Medical Benefits?

Published by April 18, 2013

Medical Evacuation and Emergency Medical benefits are some of the most commonly sought out benefits among travelers. However, when choosing a travel insurance policy with medical benefits, it is important to know what each benefit will cover. The Medical Evacuation and Repatriation benefit covers the transportation of a patient to a nearby and appropriate medical […]

Life Insurance in Travel Insurance: How Does it Work?

Published by April 17, 2013

In addition to Trip Cancellation and Emergency Medical benefits, life insurance coverage is another concern for many travelers. Depending on the policy, some travel insurance may already include life insurance benefits. They may also be offered as an additional upgrade to a travel insurance policy. There are three types of life insurance benefits which can […]

What if my trip cost increases after I buy my travel insurance policy?

Published by April 1, 2013

Because many travelers purchase their travel insurance months before they actually depart on a trip, they often find the need to increase the policy’s trip cost as they make additional payments and purchases for their trip. Trip cost is usually defined as the prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses a traveler purchases prior to departure. Trip cost […]