Travel Insurance FAQ

Is Primary Emergency Medical Coverage Better Than Secondary? Travel Insurance FAQ

Published by March 29, 2013

Primary and secondary Emergency Medical benefits within travel insurance policies are often a point of confusion and concern for many travelers. Once travelers understand the way Emergency Medical benefits work, they often realize that paying extra to get primary Emergency Medical coverage may not be a necessary expense. The Emergency Medical benefits in travel insurance ...

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Can I insure less than the actual cost of my trip on a travel insurance policy?

Published by March 19, 2013

There are a few things to consider when determining which portion of travel expenses to insure on a travel insurance policy. First of all, when travel insurance providers refer to the cost of a trip, they are usually referring to the prepaid, non-refundable travel arrangements that were purchased prior to departure. A good way to think of trip ...

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Do I need pre-existing condition coverage?

Published by March 13, 2013

Pre-existing condition coverage within travel insurance policies often confuses even the most seasoned travelers. The reason for that may be because the way a traveler defines a pre-existing condition and the way a travel insurance provider defines a pre-existing condition can be quite different. Even someone who had a heart attack or suffered from cancer ...

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I just want cancellation coverage. Do I still have to buy the other benefits?

Published by February 28, 2013

Most travel insurance policies consist of a package of benefits that cover a number of different traveler needs. Trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical and medical evacuation coverage are some of the most popular benefits travelers look for. However, many travelers just want to insure their prepaid, nonrefundable expenses in case they have to cancel ...

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I am traveling with a group. Can we all be on the same policy?

Published by February 12, 2013

Selecting the right travel insurance policy for multiple travelers can pose some unique challenges. While there are several policies available to accommodate multiple travelers, there are a few things to keep in mind. 1- All travelers must have the same travel dates If one traveler departs a day early to meet the group, or another ...

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What If a Terrorist Attack Occurs Before My Trip?

Published by February 4, 2013

On Friday a suicide bomber detonated a bomb outside the U.S. Embassy in Turkey, killing himself and one other. There was no serious damage to the Embassy building and no casualties to U.S. personnel. The White House determined the attack was initiated by a member of a recognized terrorist group, although his motives remain unknown. ...

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What if Work Prevents Me from Taking My Vacation?

Published by January 7, 2013

Imagine requesting time off, getting it approved by the boss, and finalizing those well-deserved vacation plans only to find out that precious time off has been revoked. When travelers have to cancel vacations after spending hefty amounts on travel arrangements, the loss can be disappointing. However, all is not lost with the right travel insurance ...

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Are Any Pre-existing Conditions Excluded from Coverage?

Published by January 3, 2013

For many travelers, the task of finding travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions is  of highest concern. The conventions of traditional health care coverage often have people thinking that finding the right coverage in travel insurance will be just as daunting. What travelers may not realize is there are many policies available that cover pre-existing ...

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Can I Buy More Than One Policy for the Same Trip?

Published by Aidan Harvey December 20, 2012

Many travelers find that travel insurance plans offer comprehensive packages of benefits that can cover everything from trip cancellation to emergency medical. However, some travelers purchase travel insurance through a cruise or vacation package before they realize they may need additional coverage in a certain area. If the benefits available in one policy do not ...

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