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Compensation for Travelers on the Carnival Splendor

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Last week, the Carnival cruise ship Splendor experienced an engine room fire, causing the ship to be stranded at sea.  Travelers were stuck on board with no power, limited food and no plumbing while the ship was towed to land.  In order to determine how travel insurance would help in a situation like this, the common carrier, Carnival in this case, must first determine what compensation they will provide.  A recent article from MSNBC addresses the issue of restitution from Carnival.

After finally reaching port in San Diego, Carnival fully refunded each passenger, awarded them a free future voyage, and said they would reimburse them for their transportation costs back home. Carnival’s CEO even met the boat at the dock.

Because passengers received a refund for this cruise and reimbursement for transportation back home, there may not be a need to file a travel insurance claim.  A claim could be filed for unused tours or expenses not reimbursed by the cruise line.  Of course, passengers needing medical attention or medical transportation could be helped by the 24 hour assistance service in a travel insurance policy.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

Source:  Free cruise should be enough for Splendor passengers