Countries That Require Travel Insurance

Countries Requiring Insurance for COVID-19

Countries Requiring Insurance for COVID-19

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Many countries around the world require foreign travelers to have medical insurance in order to enter the country. This was a growing trend even prior to the coronavirus pandemic, due to an increase in unpaid medical bills from visitors. 

However, following the widespread impacts of the pandemic, this requirement is becoming more prominent especially as COVID-positive may need extensive, and expensive treatment. More countries have begun requiring travelers to purchase medical insurance that specifically includes coverage for treatment of coronavirus and we expect that trend to continue. 

Each destination has their own entry requirements which vary by destination and may include different coverage amounts. To assist travelers, Squaremouth has created a comprehensive list of these countries and their entry requirements

Disclaimer: The list is intended for general informational purposes only. Entry requirements vary by country and are subject to change at any time. Travelers should verify current requirements with the specific country prior to travel.