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CSA Position Statement Tropical Storm Norbert

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Released: 09/02/2014

Tropical Storm Norbert formed off Mexico’s Pacific Coast today, to become the 14th tropical storm of the 2014 Pacific Hurricane Season. Experts believe the storm may strengthen into a hurricane in the next five days. While Norbert’s center may never make landfall, it is expected to creep very slowly to the northwest over the next several days, remaining close enough to parts of southwest Mexico and the southern Baja Peninsula to produce some high surf and rip currents and locally heavy rain. Later this week into the weekend, Norbert should take a left turn and weaken into the open waters of the eastern Pacific west of Baja California. The main concern with Norbert will be heavy rain, flash flooding and mudslides. Customers are strongly encouraged to read their Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy for details regarding their available coverage. For plans that do offer coverage for adverse weather and natural disasters, please note that there is no coverage for this specific storm under any plans purchased on or after Tuesday, September 02, 2014. Please contact CSA Travel Protection with questions.